What are The Best Shampoos for Guinea Pig?

A lot of people enjoy to keep guinea pig as pet. They were playful and fun animal – plus, they were gifted with adorable fluffy appearance that would hypnotize anyone who see them. Taking care of guinea pigs was colored with challenges yet very fun to do. One of the example is purchase guinea pig’s necessities and requirement tools; start from the cage, how to decorate and make the most comfortable habitat for guinea pig. Buying some toys for guinea pig’s amusement, such as hiding places, houses, rows, and etc.

Don’t forget to buy the life support tools such as water and food container! I recommend you to try hay holder which is used as the hays container. It was very useful and suitable for guinea pig cage. The next thing you should pay attention is dietary habit. You need to feed your guinea pig with the best fruits and the best veggies to maintain guinea pig nutrition. Guinea pig has their own type of foods we must avoid to feed. Ordinarily, these type of foods are contained with a high level of carbs for guinea pig and does not bring any good attention to them.

However, that’s not the end my friend; you need to make sure that your beloved guinea pig is in clean condition every single day; nor it’s their body and their cages. Spend your time to wash and clean all the containers inside the cage, and replace it with the new one. The most important thing is, make sure to bathe your guinea pigs, because – hey, they could not clean up their mess for themselves, they need your help!

All day long they have been playing, take a dump and eat in the same room; so, if you’re not taking a good care for them, they might be get into some skins problem caused by bacteria and fleas. That is why today, we would recommend you the best shampoos to clean all the mess of all day long! What are the best shampoos for guinea pig? Let’s find out here!

How often we should Shampoo Guinea Pig?

Keep in mind, my dear friends, guinea pig produced some natural oil that came out from their body which is affect in overall health of guinea pig. If you get rid of this natural oil frequently, it would only bring disadvantage more than the benefit – especially for their health. Therefore, it is the wise move to fewer bath your guinea pig once for a while. Actually, guinea pigs have their own method of bathe for you note, and it’s quite similar to cats: they lick their own bodies – a whole body and fur (although as owner we know this method is not gonna rip off every bacteria from them).

But, you need to consider from different perspective my friends, unlike people who crave for bathe; a bathe for guinea pig could become the stressful moment of his or her life. So, the fewer bathe could prevent some anxiety issues within guinea pig. Ordinarily, guinea pig’s owners would bath their pet once a month, but there are some people who only bath their guinea pig several times a year. However, it’s absolutely your decision what time is best from your perspective.

So, here’s the answer of what are the best shampoos for guinea pig:

1. Kaytee Squeeky Clean Critter Shampoo

So, our first shampoo is kaytee squeeky clean critter shampoo. If you want a hundred percent safety shampoo for your beloved guinea pig, then this shampoo is worth to try. This product is contained with pH balanced and tear-less substances which would not bring any harm to your pet. Using this shampoo, your guinea pig would not experience any untimeliness while in bath or after the bath, so you don’t need to be worry.

Kaytee squeeky clean critter shampoo was one of the most popular shampoo among other product and owned its reputation. It not only used for guinea pig, but also used for other small pet or animals, such as hamsters and rabbits.

2. Kaytee Quick and Clean Critter Dry Shampoo

Still from the same production, we have kaytee quick and clean critter dry shampoo. This shampoo is the perfect choice for you who didn’t let their pet guinea pig enter the water (of course for safety reasons), but still want their pet clean from all the dangerous external substances. Yes, I have mentioned before that guinea could be stressful whenever they touch the water.

But, with this product this problem is gone, because it was created in spray-form formula. To apply this shampoo you could easily spray it into guinea pig’s skin and fur, then give a little massage to make the shampoo spread in whole guinea pig’s body. This shampoo contained formula to dissolve oil, neutralizing odors, also defuse loose-dirt. With this easiness way of use, it becomes the perfect way for children to learn how to bathe their pets!

3. Odie and Cody Natural Shampoo, Organic Pet Shampoo

The next list is Odie and Cody natural shampoo, organic shampoo; just like its name, this shampoo was produced with all the organic and friendly formula for your guinea pig. However, the price of this shampoo might be a little bit expensive (which gonna surprise you for the first time), but it could last for few years! Yes, this shampoo was place in 16oz bottle.

This product included in the best shampoo recommendation for guinea pig because it was made from the familiar scent for guinea pig. For your note, guinea pig is a sensitive species, which would easily panic if the smell unfamiliar scent around him or her. Odie and Cody have the scent fresh lemongrass and contained with anti-itch, moisturizing substance, hypoallergenic, and allergy relief.

Moreover, Odie and Cody was free from gluten, cruelty, and biodegradable. If you look for organic shampoo for guinea pig, Odie and Cody perhaps become one of the best product you could ever find these days. This shampoo was made from natural ingredient such as aloe vera, essential oil, and rosemary extract.