Guinea Pig Bath: How to Clean them Properly

Taking care your guinea pigs in proper ways are the fundamental matter to ensure the living of them. There are several basic maintenance need to perform, the first one of course provide the proper diet of guinea pig: knowing the benefit foods for guinea pig and foods we must avoid to give guinea pig. As you know, guinea pigs are herbivorous animals which craves all the organic foods such as grasses (hays), pellets, vegetables and fruits; all these are the primarily foods of guinea pig. Do not try to feed them with meat that is only endangered their state of health.

The second is behavioral maintenance. Every owner wish to have a good relationship with their beloved pet, and so do you with your little guinea pig. Basically, guinea pigs are very compassionate creature; they are smart and could learn fast. Therefore, it is the best if you took them as pet since baby to have longer time to build the bond. Basic bonding method is taming; so here are ways you should copy to tame your guinea pig.

The third one is cage and body cleanliness maintenance. A lot of guidelines need to follow for guinea pig’s housing: the measurement and the equipment that needed inside the cage. Oh, and yes, don’t forget to arrange the perfect temperature inside the cage! For more information, you could visit: guinea pig temperature guide. Cleanliness is one of the basic nursery of guinea pigs. How to clean the cage of guinea pig in the most proper ways, and then body cleanliness – hey, this is very fatal.

You need an organic cleanliness potion for guinea pig’s fur and body, so we would recommend you the best shampoos for guinea pig. These shampoos are made from safe ingredient, even more, it was made from organic plants that bring a lot of benefit for your guinea pig’ fur and skin. However, talking about bathing, you should know how to properly bath your pet. So, on our today article we would discuss about guinea pig bath: how to clean them properly!

How to Bathe Guinea Pig Properly

In this article today, guinea pig bath: how to clean them proper, we would learn the safest ways to bathe your pet. Some people perform inappropriate and dangerous way that could harm their own animal caused by the lack of knowledge. So, take a good note of the methods we would discuss today, my beloved friends.

Wash your Guinea Pig

First of all, keep in mind that guinea pigs are unfamiliar with “bathing in the water” term, because they do bath themselves by licking their own bodies. Guinea pig would feel the pressure in bath and lead to distress; which is way you would only suggested bathing guinea pig several times a year – or, easily once a month. Your pet guinea pig would perform action out of their anxiety and fear during the bath.

Therefore, it is very important for you to calm them down before you wash your beloved one. You could hold them close to you, and caress them slowly in tender manners. Talk to guinea pig in gentle and soft tune of voice, for the sign that you would be there for them. Another thing to make your guinea pig more relax is offer some treats. A lot of people do this method and it’s work efficiently. A treat offering is used as distraction method; move the fear and anxiety, lead it to another subject.

Give guinea pig small amount of vegetables such lettuce and cucumber or fruits (less-sugar type of fruits). Furthermore, in case you have more than one guinea pig, do not bath them at the same time. Do it one by one, because your pets could share the fears which lead it to chaos. If guinea pig perform jumpy action on your hold, provide a small box, put guinea pig inside it, and carry it to the bathing place.

Wipe your Guinea Pig

The next step is wipe your guinea pig with damp towel or cloth. This method is used before you give guinea pig a full bath. Dip the towel in warm water, squeeze the towel, and then wipe it gently to every part of your guinea pig body – most importantly is the soiled ones. If you notice that the fur is clean, you don’t have to wash guinea pig with water.

One another thing you should remember, there’s one particular trending method to clean guinea pig called dust treatment. This treatment is come out as dangerous thing to do; it causes respiratory problems because basically, guinea pig didn’t use dust to clean themselves. So, do not apply this method to your guinea pig.

Bath your Guinea Pig

Prepare a container, put a cloth or towel layer on the bottom of container to prevent your guinea pig from slipping, then pour down the warm water. Do not full the container with water, my friends; measure the water which is approximately about 5.1 cm height. Make sure the water is warm not hot because it could harm guinea pig’s skin which is quite vulnerable. Gently put your pet inside the container, and give a moment for guinea pig to adjust the water temperature.

Do not walk away when guinea pig already inside the container, it only grows anxiety within guinea pig. The next step is scoop the water with your hand and pour the water into guinea pig body. Make sure you catch all part of guinea pig, but be careful, do not touch the ears and the face. You could cup guinea pig face with you hand to prevent the water running through guinea pig’s face. Wipe guinea pig face with towel only if the face is extremely dirty.

Furthermore, use shampoo to clean the fur – several drops of shampoo is enough. Rub it all over the body (avoid the face, ears, and eyes), give a very gentle massage to their body to not scare her, then rinse her back with water. Make sure you clean and remove all the shampoo from guinea pig’s body, and then dry her. To dry guinea pig you could use dry towel or hair dryer (be careful), and don’t forget to brush her hair, and taraaa! Now, your guinea pig is completely clean and smooth!