4 Types of House Spider and The Benefits

Most people will remind us not to kill a spider, why? Yeah, it is because that not every spider is poisonous and dangerous. Spider house is type of spider that we commonly see, and they would likely to stay at your house. There are also another spider species that are poisonous, but house spider is include in the non-poisonous spider.

You can say that they are intentionally created to eat pests, or even other spider. However, house spider is still to be played with, because it is not as aggressive as Amazonian spider, which part of one of the most poisonous spider in amazon.

Based on source, which has conducted a survey to 50 houses in North Carolina, USA by Matt Bertone from North Carolina State University to analyze types of spider house. Just as you know, spider build their web where they lie down wait for their prey stuck in their trap, so not every spider is dangerous to human.

This animal is part of predator, which eat almost everything that they catch. Spider also routinely take a prey on pest and insects who bring virus, such as mosquito. Spider also part of exotic animals which live on houses.

There are some interesting facts about spiders. Here are soe that you might want to know before knowing kind of spider house

  • As an insect repellent

You might commonly see spider in your house, and it could shocks a little if you suddenly meet them. This creature actually pretty effective to reduce the amount of little insects around your house, that might be more dangerous compare to spider, or maybe threatening human safety. So, not every spider is dangerous to human

  • There are only a few type of poisonous spider

One of the reasons why people afraid of spider is because its existence makes them worry that they have a deathly poison. This is definitely pretty make sense because we need to be aware of our surrounding. Moreover if there are some spider that is dangerous and poisonous.

  • House Spider can die if you placed it outside the house

The uniqueness is that spider house can die if you placed them outside the house. Its species is different with the poisonous one. Some people put it outside the house because the spider will make their house looking dirty.

Talking about types of spider house, here are some that you might want to know. But you also need to remember is that you need to stay aware to house spider. Because house spider could also be poisonous, so stay careful.

Types of House Spider

  • Harvestman Spider

Harvestman is one of an adult spider which has 3,2 – 9,5mm in length. Besides, its upper body surface has a light grey or brown pattern, the female will lays her eggs each year. This spider has a habit to climb a tree branch or looking for food on the ground.

  • Tarantula

I’m pretty sure that you guys know tarantula, type of spider which is commonly seen. This type of spider has 2.5 – 13 cm feet length. Most tarantulas have a black or brown hairy body and legs, but some species has a pop up color. Its life cycle start from fall for their breeding phase.

Baby’s spider incubation last for 6 to 9 weeks, where each female spider will keep 500 to 1000 eggs inside pupa. Then, the kids will leave its den after 2-3 weeks. Tarantula live for 25-40 years long, and usually live in a dry sand which also has a good drainage where they could dig a hole and create their silk web.

  • Wolves Spider

Another house spider type is wolves type, this is not the one which big and wild. However, you still need to be aware. This type of spider has 8 mm in length for female and 6,3 mm in length for male. Commonly they have brown or black color. Its life cycle is the female will bring the eggs pouch under the abdomen.

  • Yellow Sac Spider

This one has a pale color, yellow or cream abdomen color with dark stripe is usually called as Yellow Sac Spider. It has 6,3 mm to 9,5 mm in length. Yellow sac spider has 8 dark eyes which are similar in size.

Besides, its life cycle, the female will produce around 5 egg pouches which contain of 30 – 48 eggs in each pouch. Moreover they even could produce eggs for several times. There are around 30% of male spider that ended up eaten by the female spider right after they married.

That’s all types of house spider that you can try to take as a pet, but if you are going to give it to your children, it is better to give a pet that suit the best. Happy reading.