8 Ways on How to Cast Ants Out from Cricket’s Cage

Not every people pleased with the existence of ants. Although some myth might say that more ants means more luck. On the reality, the existence of ants just annoyed most people. Moreover if it try to ruin an event or plan. For example, if you have made a cake and place it on the table. Ants will immediately come because of the sweet smell.

I’m pretty sure that you’ve imagine how is it like to be bitten by ants. Although it is small, it has quite a strong bite. Which most of you guys will pissed off when it come.

Because usually not every cricket could live, some of them can die and feed by ants. Slowly but surely, if you don’t handle it, it will start to attack the living crickets. I’m pretty sure that you guys don’t want that to happen. So, here we are going to show you on how to cast ants away.

How to Cast Ants Away from Cricket’s Cage

  • Lime Water

How to use lime to cast ants out from cricket’s nest? Just spray the lime extraction around the cricket’s nest or place where you usually put the cricket’s nest. The sour smell which comes from the lime will ruin the smell of the cricket’s food. This ingredient could also be used to get rid of lice on cows or to prevent a chicken from getting flu.

  • Cinnamon

I’m pretty sure that you guys now cinnamon, which is usually used as a scent on some beverages. It sure has a lot of benefits, and it also can be used to get rid of ants. You need to use a cinnamon that still in a stick shape and it will produce a scent that ants hate.

Besides that, cinnamon also has a slight antibacterial effect that can be used on some food to avoid bacteria from growing. Spread cinnamon powder around cricket’s nest especially on the ant path. You guys probably will know the path where they walk.

Peppermint Oil

Essential oil such as peppermint could also cast ants out, or you can try it first on a certain place. If you have difficulty on finding peppermint essential oil, you can change it with a liquid soap which has peppermint scent.  Mix peppermint oil and water with the same ratio in a spray bottle, then start spraying it on

  • Borax, Water, Sugar

Another thing that you can do is by mixing borax, water and sugar and creates a paste. Apply the borax paste around the cricket’s nest or place that usually passed by the ants. Later on the ants will bring the chunk of paste that they thought as sugar to their nest, which actually consists of borax that  is poisonous.

  • Boiling Water & Dish soap

Cast ants out using boiling water is way more natural and safe compare to insecticide or you can also use a spray bottle that contains of water and dish soap then spray it to a colony of ants.

  • Sugar & Baking Soda

Sugar? Yes, but not the sugar only but you will also need a baking soda. You need to know that ant armed itself with acid as a protection. Make a mixture of baking soda and sugar then place it near the cricket’s nest. The combination of baking soda and sugar create an acid that makes ant go away.

  • Coffee Grounds

The other way on how to cast ants out from your cricket’s nest is by using coffee grounds. Spread the coffee grounds around the ant heap.

  • Corn Starch

The eighth point is by using corn starch. It might not too difficult to do, which is by spreading it around the ant heap and your yard. And ants will immediately leave its nest. Besides cast the ants out, corn starch also good for canaries.

Those are some points on how to cast ants out in cricket’s nest that you can try to prevent ants from ruining your cricket’s cage, and if you want to increase the amount of crickets, you can try to follow the steps on how to catch cricket easily.