3 Ways To Make Your Dog Loves To Bathe Easily

Any trouble to get your dog to bathe? Don’t worry, you are not the only one with that problem. We have 3 ways to make your dog loves to bathe easily here. You can turn this experience into something special between you and your dog. Call it as your special bonding time.

Some dogs are panic and running away when you try to give them a bath. That’s because they are afraid and uncomfortable with the sensation of getting wet and the loud noises from running water. Be patient, keep working hard and your dog will be more comfortable during bath time. Maybe he doesn’t like the bath at the end, but at least he won’t run away from you anymore.

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And here are 3 ways how make your dog loves to bathe easily.

1. Set Up Dog Friendly Environment

Before you bathe your dog, make sure that everything you need to bathe already with you. Because if you turn away from your dog to take something, you are giving him a chance to run away. Hence, be prepared with necessary items before you take your dog inside the bathroom.

  • Safety

It is recommended that you place a rubber mat in the area where you are washing your dog. Surely you don’t want to fall down because the floor is slippery, right. Especially if your dog experience the fall because of the wet floor, he might become panic and trying to escape.

  • Bath preparation

You will need towels (chose the ones which absorb the water), shampoo, a brush, a sponge if you use it. You might want to purchase the shampoo based on your dog condition. It might be a hypoallergenic shampoo and gentle conditioning shampoo. You can also buy the medicated shampoo if your dog is having some problems like having flea and tick.  And to avoid getting irritation because of the shampoo, please consider buying a tear-free shampoo for him.

  • Warm water

Lukewarm water should be considered when you are washing your dog. Cold shower in uncomfortable for a dog and hot water might burn his skin. Just like you enjoy the warm water during your shower time, he is also enjoying the same.

  • Getting an assistance

If there is someone who could help you in bathing your dog, it will make your job easier. The assistant could hold your dog to stay in place or he can play with the dog to distract so you can easily wash him.

2. Get The Dog Ready

Before taking your dog to the bathroom, you should prepare him and make sure to make this experience as good as it is. Get knowledge about what to do during shower. Make this session as good as it could be so he will like another shower session in the future.

It is very good to start bathing your dog in the early age. He will get used to bathing if you start bathing him since he was a puppy. He will learn very early that baths are something to enjoy and it will make him much calmer when you bathe him in the future.

Always be ensured that bathing experiences are good sessions. Play with him and talk with him in a soothing manner. Do not throw him into the water as it might cause him panic and trauma. Gradually shower him slowly so he gets used to water.

It is recommended to teach your dog a certain signal which means that it is bath time. If you take and bring him into the bathroom, it can cause him shock and trauma. Teach him a signal with a word or a sign telling him that he will have a bathing session. If your dog understands this signal and be ready mentally, it will keep him calm.

If your dog panics before his shower, he might try to escape from the bathroom. Don’t chase him to take him back to bathroom. If you are chasing him, he might misunderstand that you are playing with him. The result is he will keep running as he finds this game fun. This will shape a habit for him to run every time you try to give him a bath. A good solution is to coax him over with treats. And when he comes close to you, grab his collar and lead him into the bathroom

Be gentle in getting your dog clean. Don’t let the water get into your dog’s ear. It will cause him pain and discomfort. Instead of pouring the water on his face, it’s better to wipe it with a wet clothe around his eyes and mouth.

3. Distracting and Keeping Your Dog Calm during Bathing Session

You must want to have a smooth process while bathing your dog. It is better is the dog enjoying this period of cleaning himself. However, there are some tricks to calm your dog while you are washing him.

  • Treats

The easiest thing to make your dog happy is to give him treats. If you make it a habit to give him treats whenever you will bath him, he can relate that bathing means happiness. Happiness which comes from the treats he receives, this is a good way to make your dog calm. And the first treat you should give him is when he gets in the tub or before you start washing him. A great idea, right? Try it and see for yourself.

  • Slow and warm

When you start showering him with water, make sure the temperature is right. Too hot or too cold is making him startled. Wet your dog slowly to give him time to adjust to water temperature. The best temperature is lukewarm.  You may start spraying the water from his paws or his chest first. Use low pressure spray and gradually increase while you see his reaction. If he is comfortable with it, you can spray to the rest of his body.

  • Compliment and praise him constantly

While showering and cleaning him, please talk to your dog in a gentle tone. Compliment and praise him with your happy tone. Say ‘good dog’ and any other phrase which indicate your happiness and satisfaction to him. If you keep up doing this, your dog will be calm and happy to have a bath.

  • Toys

Prepare some toys in the tub. If your dog has a favorite toy, bring it with him. He can play and won’t focus on you cleaning him. You will find it easy to clean him without much struggles. By giving him toys, he will associate bathing with something exciting and joyful. Instead of fear, he will be happy to have a bath as he can play with his toy.

When you try all those ways to make your dog loves to bathe easily, you will find that actually it is not hard to clean him up in the bathroom. And you can also find it easy to take care of your dog in this link 4 Easy guide to take care of dog at home for beginners