How To Take Care Of Hamster At Home For Beginners

This pet is so cute, funny and adorable always. Hamster is an animal that has many varieties of colors and they have a short tale. This pet is usually picked by people because this pet is very tiny and it is easy to take care.  Hamster is a nocturnal animal, it means they are more active at the night than in the midday. There is a lots kind of hamster in all over the world. In the wild, they like to lives at the dessert. They love so much to dig a hole until reach up to ten meters. They do this to hide away from the predators. So, any one of you to take care this tiny pets? Well, below here how to take care of hamster at home for beginners.

1. Prepare all of its needs

First, before you adopt a hamster at your home, you must prepare all the things that your hamster need. For the cage, choose a right cage that suits your hamster then buys some toys or accessories for them to play. Do not forget to buy a tray or bowl for their foods and a bootle for their drink. This is important too, you should prepare their bedding with a sand or wood shaving. Hamster bedding is used to make them comfortable and warm. It is also used for your hamster wants to poop. See also How to Take Care of Siberian Husky in Such a Hot Weather

2. Hamster foods

There are many kinds of hamster foods that sell in the pet store. Basically, good foods for hamster are dry foods, some vegetables, and fruits. Place the food in their trays or bowls. Do not spread their foods everywhere, their cage will be very dirty and it can be contaminated with their own dirt. That’s why you must put their foods in its place. Notice this, gives your hamster food once daily at night with their portion. Treat them with nutrition food like carrots, pumpkins, or some pieces boiled eggs. It is good for your hamster healthy.

3. Give your adorable hamster a vitamin

Your adorable hamster needs vitamin too, it will help their antibody and it makes their appetite increases. Besides, there are many types of the vitamin for hamster you should know. For beginners you can use liquid vitamins (buy at the pet store), you can drop it into their bottled water. This vitamin is good for their growth, antibody and their appetite. However, you can use other foods that replace as vitamin such as milk, mealworm, mix dried food or yeast.  Give this vitamin once a week. See also Basic Ways to Take Care of Cats at Home for Beginners

4. Place them in the suit place

Place their cage in a suit place. Hamster makes their house usually in a quiet place. So, place their cage in a place away from the crowd. The crowd sounds are made hamster being stress. Do not place their cage in the sunlight, it will make them stress too. Remember, they are nocturnal animals, they’re active at the night while at the midday they are sleeping. You can dry them up when the sunlight is down. Dried them under down sunlight in six hours. It will make them healthy.

5. Wash their cage

Make sure you to release all the accessories or toys, their bowls, their drink bottle, even its sand. Place your hamster in a safe place like in a box or other cage. Wash their cage with soap and brush all over the cage and rinse it well then dried it. Do not forget to wash their tray or food bowl also their drink bottle. After the cage is already dry, you can gives them new of wood shaving, replacing the toys, all its accessories, food tray and also their drink bottle. Do this every once or twice a week. See, your hamster is happy now.  See also  Easy Guide To Take Care Of The Dog At Home For Beginners

6. Wash your hands first

There are some rules for holding a hamster. First, you should wash your hands with soap. Hamster is a sensitive animal. It can detect your smell, they can distinguish you are their owner or you are a stranger. Seconds, to hold your hamster you can hold them in a sitting state. Do not hold them when they are playing. It may make your hamster stresses.

7. Play with your hamster

Play with your hamster, it is so fun. Gives them gently massage and rub their body with love. Your hamster will feel comfortable and safe being with you. This action, make your hamster trust you. However, you can also do this, treat them in your hands. Look, it is so cute when your hamster eating in your hands. Now, it is like they are never afraid again of you. See also How To Take Care a Pregnant Dog

8. How to bath them well

Bathing a hamster is not like bath cats or dogs. You just prepare a little water in a small bowl with a height of hamster’s feet. Use a soft brush and rub it on their legs, hands and their body. You can do a little rubbing to make them comfortable. If you are afraid to bath them with water, you can bath them with aromatic sand in the same way. This way is safer.

9. Watch out for their food

Watch out your hamster, Is their food is empty or their drink bottle is empty? You should check once in daily. Please fills up their food and their water once in morning. You should check their bedding too. Hamster bedding should be clean as always. It is for their health. The health of the cage it will be healthy for your hamster. So, clean their bedding regularly. You should be done clean the hamster bedding every day so your hamster does not get sick and hair loss. See also  Take Care of A Puppy Without Its Mother

10. Keep your hamster away from the harmful things, the kids or predator animals

This is really important for how to take care of a hamster at home for beginners. You should keep your hamster away from the harmful things, the kids or predator animals. When you have kids you should keep your eyes to him. Make it sure your son is not holding them with tight, or he wants to slap his toys toward your hamster. If you have a cat, make it’s sure you place the cage that away from your cat. Hamster is like a mouse, it is possible your cat will eat your adorable hamster. Oh, no way.

May the how to take care of hamster at home for beginner above, it can inspire you to how to take care of hamster at home. Hamster is one of the adorable and cute pets in the world. They are like to plays and doing something that makes we are glazed at them. So, take care of them well and good luck hamster lovers.