8 Effective Ways to Stop Rabbit’s Biting Habit

Just like any other animals, a rabbit has the sense of feeling of being loved and affected. Somehow you will find that the most amusing behavior in a rabbit that is so docile and spoils to the owner. Nevertheless, some rabbit has a far different characteristic that may be unexpected to the owner. Yes, this is the annoying habit, nipping, biting, scratching and shrinking the teeth or another form of aggressiveness is something very upsetting for the owner. To rule out the 8 effective ways to stop rabbit’s biting habit you should learn about what the triggering factors first, then after you will decide what the best method to handle the specific situation according to the causal factors.

Here are 8 effective ways to stop rabbit’s biting habit you may apply in the certain situation.

1. Give anything to distract him

Giving a toy and play with the bunny is the good measure to stop the rabbit’s biting habit. Rabbit will bite if he thinks that he has a lot of energy to expose. But do not know what to do the positive things. Having toys to play is one of the releasing energy in a good way. Just like an exercise for human, animals need to work out as well to maintain his stability both physically and mentally. Make sure you give safe toys to prevent any chocking or other potential injuries to your bunny. Let him scratches on the toys but not your body. You can pull your body a little back to give more space and let him concentrate on the toys and ignore you at the moment. So he still can bite to sharpen his teeth without hurting you in any way. Another stuff to distract him from biting your hands is giving a small treat to please him. This measurement is not only entertaining him but at the same time filled him up to make him comfortable.

2. Stay cool and calm

Most rabbits are soft and tender, but only a few expose to the attack in action. If you find any form of attack comes to you from your rabbit, stay cool and calm. Your reaction will give a huge effect to the rabbit. While he is ready to fight, but you give recumbence action, that will hold on his anger in any way. Just like a human, if only one side stay sharp while the other does not serve a war, so then the fight will dismiss. Nothing occurs with only one hand clapping though.

3. Stay back and away

This is good advice to stay away and move back for a while if your rabbit begins the bad behavior, for instance, biting and nipping your hands. Giving time to rest and let him alone is supposed to reduce the temper. You will control your emotion as well so it will not lead you to do any harm to your bunny. You may resume approaching him later on when the rabbit is already cooling down and looking exhausted.

4. Ignore the rabbit for a while

When your bunny shows an attack on you or to other family member, try to ignore and pretend as if nothing big happens. Once you do not react to his action, he will assume that this will not work to gain your attention. Try to make yourself busy and what he is doing is not influenced you at all. However, while you do not pay attention, still keep an eye on him cause rabbit is sometimes very tricky, as the other hand he may think that your negligent can be assumed as a denial from you and this will aggravate his wild nature behave for more.

5. Understand the cause of aggressiveness

Once you determine the underlying problems of your rabbit’s biting habit, you may give an antidote to alleviate this behave. Mostly rabbit will perform an attack if they feel insecure about frighten. In this way you need to provide the safe and comfy environment, this hopefully will change your bunny’s bad habit as the day progress. For example for this measurement are not limited to this step, do not make any sudden movement, do not put your hand in front of his nose (this will remember him that a dominant rabbit will do this action to the subordinate rabbit to reinforce his power), do not have another pet such as a dog or cat in the same house, cause this will only convince the fearfulness of the rabbit instead.

6. Give the way out for your rabbit to move

Giving a way to pass is recommended when your rabbit start to perform an attack. Usually, rabbit bites if he assumes been trapped in the closed area. Open the door or attach your body to the wall, will give more space for a rabbit to find another area and leave the same room with you. If your rabbit looks unpleasant having your presence in his side, do not stay still, move away and leave. You can feed him but do not be with him. Sometimes your bunny feels bored with the daily activities that are including playing with you. You need to understand and pay respect for that. Try to find out another business but still watching your bunny in a bit far space, so he will not be felled under your supervised at that moment.

7. Rule out the limitation

When you play with your bunny and he begins to bite your hand, immediately pull your hands away and stop the playing session. If you do this consistent this will teach him that biting will break the entertaining moment between you and him. He will understand later on anytime you finish the game because of he starts to bite, he will prevent this action to keep playing with you. You can push him back softly and let the distance in between you two. This gap will give him information that he cannot get close to you and bite you as he wishes.

8. Visiting the vet

It is advisable that you may consider visiting the vet for medical intervention especially talking about neutering the male rabbit and spaying the female one. Sterilized rabbit are calmer and tamer in behave. Since the aggressive hormone is stable. Research confines that rabbit which being neutered or spayed is

These 8 effective ways to stop rabbi’s biting habit is not limited to these tactics above. If you have valuable experience and expertise in doing this, it is recommended to add the list above. I put these tips basically based on my experience having a pet at home; some can apply on a certain occasion, but the other may be unacceptable for a particular situation. Since everyone’s experience could differ from one to another. It is unique for each other though.