6 Fun things to do with your rabbit in house

Having a pet is really rewarding and challenging unique experience for most all the pet lovers. While taking care of the sick ones is very exhausting, on the other hand playing with them is limitless entertaining and delighting. Here are the few fun things to do with your rabbit in-house, so get you some idea […]

Here’s 4 reasons why you shouldn’t lay bunnies on their backs

There are pros and cons for the reasons why you should not lay bunnies on their back recently. We will dig down about this theory and learn more for the potential problems may occur to applying this circumstance. Furthermore to peel out any occasion during keeping this back position on the bunnies. How this instance […]

8 Effective Ways to Stop Rabbit’s Biting Habit

Just like any other animals, a rabbit has the sense of feeling of being loved and affected. Somehow you will find that the most amusing behavior in a rabbit that is so docile and spoils to the owner. Nevertheless, some rabbit has a far different characteristic that may be unexpected to the owner. Yes, this […]

8 Reasons of why your rabbit keep biting you

As a pet owner you need to explore your knowledge related to the pet you have. This theory applies to any animal you may life with. So is to the rabbits of yours. While on general speaking bunny is the soft adorable pet that never exhibit any attack, you might to consider this sometime unusual […]

How to bonding 2 rabbits together in your house

Rabbits are social animal. They will be glad if they have friend to live with. They easily interact with the one they encounter at first. However do not be too excited about this. Because sometimes this theory not at all applicable to any cases. There is a time when your rabbit has solitary instinct that […]

What makes your rabbit suddenly turned aggressive?

What makes your rabbit suddenly turned aggressive? Some reasons could be the answer. This can be internal or external factors. Just likely other animal, rabbit has been influenced by environment he grows up and native characteristic himself. The way he maintains his life is the crucial factor that he need to adapt and tolerate during […]

How to Solve Aggressive Behavior In Your Rabbit

Rabbit is the most soft and amusing animal I have ever seen and cared. I believe everyone has the same perception about this. Raising rabbit is very entertaining and rewarding experience after all. A lot of funny and melt heartbreaking occasions you eventually found during your journey with your sweet companions at home. Whether you […]

How to Trim Your Pet Rabbit’s Teeth

Have you heard that  rabbit’s teeth are growing long his life? Sound weird to you and to me as well at the beginning. However that is the fact. While the health problems come along with every one life, this is one common problem that disturbing his life that produce suffer both for you as rabbit’s […]

7 Important Facts of Rabbits Before You Decide to Pet Them

Nowadays many people urge to have a pet at home. Many reasons follow with these trends. Certain people look for the entertainment whiles the others for the beneficial of earning money from the pets. Whatever your reasons are you need to explore the few important facts of rabbits before you decide to pet them. Even […]

How to Tell That Your Rabbit’s Pee and Poop Normal?

Now you have set everything on the track, right? You get your pet at home now. During your excitement of having new feline feather bunny friends, it is good to keep an eye for any aspect that might come along with their new journey in your house. Anyway, have you named them? Yes of course […]