7 Common Illnesses of Young Goat (Include Treatments)

Goat is basic animal who used as industry or just pet at home. This animal raise for dozen used to reach meat, milk, leather, and manure. People usually use this animal to raise in farm because of their economical values is higher than another one. Even though need longer time to rise it if we compare it with poultry farm, but still goat has their own special side to rise.

Both of used as farm and just general pet at home, goat surely highly infected by disease. Both of mom, baby, and young got has same possibility to catch by any disease. As we know that disease didn’t see the old. All ages can be defeat of some disease.

Here is some disease that commonly catch the young goat that you must know.

  • Maggot

Technically, the maggot which infect goat the most is kind of haemonchus cocortus, Trichris sp, and Oestophagostomum sp. Those maggots usually infect their food. The bad food safe management usually caused this maggot to come up. Actually, you need to aware that make sure all the foods are dried safe in to a container or space. As we know that goat’s food may not only grass. Some additional food may need. Both of grass and additional food must be safe well. Also, you better hang the grass when you feed the goat. It is to avoid the grass contaminated by any drop water so it can be wet and invite maggot or fungal moreover when the rainy season comes. When your goat catches by this case, it makes they are passive, low appetite, and don’t want to get fatty even you give them a lot of food. The goat usually has rounded tummy by this case but their body is still thin. Fortunately, you can solve this problem by home remedies such as using liquid of 2 betel nuts, 2 tablespoons of java sugar, 5 pieces of tobacco leaves, and one tablespoon of young papaya gum powder. Give this liquid every five days. Also, you can use cetarine concurat, pheno plus, and wormex powder as the medicine. You have to put your attention seriously on this case because some proves that this problem can cause death.

  • Scabies

This disease mostly causes by fungal. Some ectoparasite such like Sarcoptes scaberi, Psoroptes communis varovis, and Chorioptes ovis. Usually, this fungal will attack ear area first and after that transmitted in another area like face, mouth, and eye. This problem not only attack goat but also another animal like cat and dog. The sign of this problem usually started by redness and the redness is getting thickened, hardened, scaly, and itchy. Because of that itchy, the goat will scratch themselves and moreover rub to the wall. This rub will make hair fall and makes some bald on some point. After that the goat will seems thin because they lost their appetite and also lack of blood. This situation makes decreased of milk production. The fungal that cause of this problem can transmitted easily in another animal. You must separate away the one who got the scabies to avoid transmitted. If you needed used disinfectant to kill the fungal. To cure this, you can give them anti-parasite medicine like Ivomec but you must clean the goat first using antiseptic soap and after that cut the short hair in the wound area. You can also use home remedy such using coconut oil and swipe it into the fungal area. To make do it yourself coconut oil you can boil coconut milk until it transforms into oil. This may take a long time but don’t worry, this is the safest method for the goat moreover if the fungal is already on eye area.

  • Orf

This illness mostly called as Ecthyma Contagiosa which caused by virus called Parapoxvyrus. This virus is zoonotic and can be transmitted to human. Usually, goat that catch by this problem is cause by eat the feathered grass and dust from concentrate. The sign of this problem is wound about the mouth which is black and some like acnes. If you let it away, this is can transmitted until the side of nail. Usually, orf can cure after one month but some cases prove this problem can also cause of death if there is secondary infection. To solve this problem, you can use Preparat Iodium and Antibiotic injection. You can also do isolation ways to stop transmitted fungal and avoid another goat catch this problem.

  • Antraks

This disease cause of virus called Bacillus Anthracis which the transmitted is direct contact of food, drink, and respiration. Th sign of this problem is high fever, weak, respiration problem, swelling chest, body full of boils, digestive disorder, removing blood from ears, mouth, and anus. There is no cure to this disease yet. All you can do is burn the goat that death of this virus.

  • Enterotoxemia

This problem cause by over eating grain so the bacteria called Clostridium Perfingens can be more productive because of their same so it triggering poison. The sign of this disease is tremor, high fever, and swollen stomach. This disease can be prvent by year vaccination especially for mom’s goat and don’t giving grain to their food.

  • Miasis

This disease usually attacks goat’s leg female goat after giving birth and the blood of after birth process didn’t clean well. This disease also attacks new born goat who didn’t giving antiseptic. Some cases prove that this disease can also cause by wound because of sharpen side of cage. To cure this disease, you can clean the area of wound with water, wipe it with cajuput oil and give wet tobacco and after that cover it using casa. Use this every day until the maggot come up.

  • Mastitis

This disease usually met in dairy goat because this attack goat’s nipple. Bacteria called Staphylococcus Aureus trigger this case the most. Besides, this disease can also cause by earn milk process which not going well so the milk has not been fully milked. This disease affects to decreasing mil production and the quality of the milk itself. The cure of this problem is giving antibiotic intra-mammary and repair the process of earning milk.

Basically, being responsive is needed all of the time. We must be ready if some time we face urgent condition like all illnesses mentioned above. If we too late or not being responsive so it is too late to cure all.

All methods to solve the problem above may used home remedies. But remember, if the home remedies didn’t work go call vet to get trusted aid. Technically, the most thing you have to do is make sure that their cage, their environment, their food, and their drink is always clean. Prevent is more profitable than cure.