What’s The Differences Between Lamb Meat and Goat Meat

Lamb and goat is one of the biggest meat production over the world. With high popularity in the mid of people, especially those whose living in Middle East Asia, North and West African countries which is demanding live animals and meat stock equally. The numbers of consumer increased especially during the religious festivals and big day of holiday, entice many people (mostly businessman and businesswoman) to jump on the farm business around the world.

Both of sheep and goat known as benefit livestock beside cow. Perhaps if you’re a beginner, you’ll struggle to start this business at first. But, don’t worry, there are guides to starting meat goat farming, also ways to breed goats for milk productions. These guidelines would help you to build a farm business from the ground to the top. But, if you’re one of people who enjoyed these two animals companion as pets, then perhaps you can decide which one you’re going to choose by knowing the differences between goat and sheep you must know.

There are the cutest breeds of goat to keep as a pet which is you can raise the goats in your backyard – if you prefer to pet than butcher them. It sounds cruel but that the fact. We can deny there’s a lot of people out there become loyal consumers of their meat. And today, we’re going to talk about what’s the differences between lamb meat and goat meat. The basic thing you must know, these two animals meat are categorized as red meat just as the same as cow.

The quality of meat are determined by the amount of pH which is usually, a good meat contained a pH of 5,4 – 5,7. Also, you can determine the quality of the meat by seeing the color. Actually, meat color was affected by myoglobin and oxygen. If meat contained high amount of myoglobin and oxygen, the meat would exhibit a darker color than other meat. This color was usually occurred on older sheep than lambs. So, here we go, what’s the differences between lamb meat and goat meat.

Goat’s Meat

Goat meat has a strong smell and gamey flavour reputations. Much particular food created for this meat, and also, some country culture prefer to used goat meat as their dishes. Example case is Caribbean culture; prefer to used older goat’s meat than the young one, in other hand; some culture will only use younger goat’s meat about around six to nine months.

The Reasons You Have to Try Goat’s Meat

Maybe, for some people whose already filled with thought that goat’s meat is to “smelly” to cook, then you must note; there’s a massive increased of numbers of goat’s meat consumer around the world. Many chefs thought that goat’s meat are one of exotic meat that worth to cook. Here are some reasons why goat’s meat become a new phenomenal ingredient for chef:


One of the famous dishes must try list of the world which used goat’s meat as the main ingredient is methi keema. Methi keema famous for the tenderness of the meat of young goat. Make many of foodies maniac give a thumbs up for the taste of methi keema.

Slow Roasting

The goat’s meat is suitable for slow cook and strong and bold spices dishes. It could be the main ingredient of may delicious strong food such tsukamen and curry.


Goat’s meat known as one of the riches nutrition meat you could eat. Here are the benefits of eating goat’s meat:

  • Protein

The fact is, when you served 3-ounce of goat meat fulfilled 46 percent of daily protein you needed for a day. And it’s applies to every people on the earth.

  • Iron and Cholesterol

Goat’s cholesterol number are lower than other meat, for example: 3-ounce of goat meat contains 63.8 mg of cholesterol, whereas chicken contained 76 mg, and pork 73.1 mg. Also, goat contained with 3.2 mg of iron per-serving, while beef contained with 2.9 mg per-serving, and chicken 1.5 mg per-serving.

Lamb Meat

Before we’re go deeper to learn about lamb meat, there are three types of sheep meat you should know: first is hogget, the meat of young sheep which generally older than one year. Second is mutton, the meat of adult sheep – and third is lamb, the meat of sheep before its reach one year old. But, lamb is the most expansive meat compared with others two competitors.

The Benefits of Eating Lamb Meat

Lamb contained with a lot of beneficial substance that your body needed, such nutrition, mineral, and vitamin, and other important healthy materials  to increased the body’s metabolism.

  • Vitamins

Lamb is one of the excellent source of B vitamins you could get, it contained with 38% of Vitamin B12, 27% of Vitamin B3.

  • Mineral

Perhaps you don’t know this, but lamb contained with a lot of minerals substance, primarily: 51% of Zinc, 44% of selenium,  17% of Phosphorus, 12% of Iron, 7% of potassium, and 6% of Copper.

Health Benefits

  • L-Carnosine

Lamb meat contained of higher level of L-Carnosine which is become anti-atherosclerotic effect that would protect you from cardiovascular disease.  L-Carnosine also help you to reduce sugar and protein glycation inside your body.

  • Omega-3 Fatty Acid

Yes, surprisingly, the lamb meat contained with Omega-3 Fatty Acid which is the main component to be the anti-inflammatory effect. This fact being often ignored by may people whose often consume more of omega-6 which is pro to inflammatory.

  • Creatine

Creatine mostly known among athlete or people whose planning to work out. Why? Creatine could help you to boost your muscular endurance, muscle mass (potentially), and your muscle strength. Actually, red meat become the biggest source of creatine you needed, no exception with lamb meat which is categorized as red meat (just like we discuss earlier).

100 gr of meat contained with more or less 300 to 500 mg of creatine, this cannot be compared with creatine supplement that only contained with 3-5 gr per-day. That’s why, if you’re planning to build up your body it’s highly suggested consuming a lot of red meat included lamb meat.