9 Easy Tips To Dog-Proof Your Backyard

Dogs always needs space to roam and wander around. They need exercises a lot to keep healthy. You may have difficulties to keep your dog inside the house all the time. If you have a yard, let them out. Let them free to wander, to have fun, to run and to play.

However, you need to keep your yard to be safe for your dog. Make it a dog-free yard. Hence, through this article I would like to provide you with 9 easy tips to dog-proof your backyard.

1. Fencing your yard

A strong and sturdy fence is the first thing you must do around your yard. You don’t want your dog to walk away from your house or be snatched by a thief, right? Not to mention being hit by a car in front or your house. All those horrible things can be prevented by installing fences around your yard.

Check your fences for any gaps which can be easily slipped through by your small dogs. Or if you have a dog who likes to dig, consider to pour a concrete at the lower part of your fence so he can’t go out under your fence. You have to check your fence regularly in case there is some parts needed to be repaired.

If your dog is small is size, you can install a low fence but keep in mind to stick the fences lower to the ground as they can slip under the fence to run away. If you have a tall dog, install a high fence around your house and the second tip will be perfect for them as well.

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2. Landscaping the yard

If you have a jumper dog and you have a spacious yard, it is also a good option to use landscaping to keep your dog away from the fence. By planting dense shrubs along the fence line, you will make it harder for your dog to jump out of your house. Just make sure to regularly check the shrub for anything to be sure there is not any space between the shrub which can become the opportunity for your dog to run away.

3. Safe garden bed

If you want to plant your yard with flowers or any plants, consider to choose plants which are safe for your dog. Here is the list of poisonous plants for your dog: Autumn Crocus, Azalea, Daffodil, Dieffenbachia, Tulip, Kalanchoe, Sago Palm, Oleander, Cyclamen, Amaryllis, European Bittersweet, Desert Rose, Ivy Arum, Indian Licorice, Lily, and White Arum.

You may also consider to have a raised garden bed to prevent your dog to dig in your soil. If you want to keep your dog away from your garden, you can also spray vinegar solution or apple bitter solution. They don’t like the smell of it. They don’t like the smell of mustard and pepper either. So you can sprinkle powdered mustard and/or red pepper flakes around your garden to keep them away.

Some advice to plant delicious treats for us which dog and pests don’t like the fragrance. They are basil, lemon balm, catnip and lavender.

4. Fencing your swimming pool

If you have a swimming pool in your house, it is better to install a fence around your pool. Although you have a good swimmer dog, there is still a chance to be drown if they are too tired in the pool and cannot pull themselves up of the water. Not only that, the chlorine is a dangerous chemical for your dog.

5. Tidying up your garage

Keep your garage tidy. Keep all the sharp and dangerous tools out of your dog’s reach. Keep your chemical liquid on the top shelves where they can’t reach it even though they jump. If you spray your garage floor with some chemical, make sure that your dog can’t access your garage for days until it is safe for them to be inside.

6. Mow your Lawn

Regularly mow your lawn to always be short. Tall grass will make it high risk for your dog to be infected with ticks and fleas. Fleas like cool, shady and moist places. They like the most the open grass or in sunny areas. When you are clearing your yard, don’t leave the debris behind. Remove them all. Don’t leave a single one behind.

If your yard is infected with ticks and flea, consider to remove them using a natural treatment, like Diatomaceous Earth, Beneficial Nematodes and Cedar Wood Chips. All of them are safe for your dogs. Diatomaceous Earth is a fine dust made from fossilized remains of algae called diatoms. This natural pesticide only works when it’s in dust form. So, do not use this during rainy season.

Beneficial Nematodes is a non-toxic defense which comes in forms of microscopic worms. These worms feed on flea larvae and attack other pests like termites as well. They should be applied to the shady area where we find fleas frequent.

7. Water and Shades

Water is a must to keep your dog hydrated. It will be more fun if you have a sprinkle in your yard and you turn the water on during the hot temperature. Besides keeping them cool by playing water, their needs of water intake will be filled. And provide some shades around your yard during hot weather or in the summer.

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8. A dog house

A dog house is quite important to protect your dog from some dangerous situation. It can protect your dog from the rain, snow and the heat. If you build a dog house, ensure that it is large enough for your dog to turn around inside and have the roof to cover the unit. When it’s hot, you better to choose clay tiles for the flooring to keep it cool and when it is winter, provide them with the blanket covered the floor to keep them warm.

9. Garbage Can

A sturdy garbage can is what you need. You don’t want the can to be flipped over by your dog who is curious with the smell of the waste inside. They might smell any leftover foods which attract them. It’s better to seal your garbage can to prevent this kind of accident. Your garbage can is the source of many toxins which can harm your dog’s health. So always take precautions to keep it safe from your dog’s reach.

So, here is 9 easy tips to dog-proof your backyard which you can apply to your backyard.

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