What Makes Sulcata Turtoise is Being an Expensive Turtoise

Hello there respectable pet owner. Are you looking for tip and guide on how to raise and take care of your pets? Then you have come to the right site. We provide tips and guides to take care of animals. From popular animals like cats, dogs and birds, to more exotic animals like lizard, squirrel, turtle, tortoise and many more. We also provide tons of facts and animals stuff that many animal lovers will find it interesting. If you loves animal’s facts and want to hear about it, then you might want to read out here in our website. Today, we are going to talk about reptiles, especially tortoise. Not just all kind of tortoise, but the most expensive one, Sulcata tortoise.

Tortoise is one of the most popular reptiles to be kept as a pet. Most reptile lovers love to keep turtle, tortoise, snake and lizard but some people choose tortoise as their favourite reptile. Although tortoise is one of the most popular reptiles, there are many things that you should consider choosing tortoise as your pet. First of all, tortoises are really expensive pet to have. Many kinds of tortoise have wooping amount of price tag. One of the most expensive tortoises to have is Sulcata tortoise. Sulcata tortoise is special kinds of tortoise that is quite rare to find, and makes them really expensive as a pet. What Makes Sulcata Turtoise is Being an Expensive Turtoise? Here are factors that make them expensive choice of tortoise and reason why they have so much value.  

First of all, what is sulcata tortoise in general and why it is so expensive?

Sulcata tortoise is one of the largest land tortoises in the world. It is actually the third largest tortoise in the world, and the largest of land tortoise kind. With proper care, they can live up for more than 60 years, and there have been a report of 90-100 years old land tortoise. They are herbivore tortoise which diets consist of vegetables like lettuce and cabbage. Unlike water tortoise or turtle, they don’t require much water in their live. They only require it to wet their body, drinking, and wash dirt. You should never give them too much water, as it might drown them. Sulcata tortoise is also famous for its beautiful shell, long lifespan and especially cute babies. Sulcata tortoise is very cute when in baby. Their shell is hand sized, perfect to pet, their head is thumb sized and constantly wiggling to search for foods, and their tiny feet. It is very cute sight to see. However, they are also famously expensive. How expensive sulcata tortoise? And why they are so expensive?

  • Sulcata Tortoise is widely loved and demanded by many reptile lovers

This days, many reptile lovers and other animal lovers put a lot of emphasize and interest in sulcata tortoise. Many people in lot of country including U.S.A, Europe and Asian loves sulcata tortoise and make them one of the most sought after tortoise kind in the market. This make sulcata tortoise become really popular in market and demands for them is constantly high. In fact, in 2018, the demands for sulcata tortoise become really popular and sulcata tortoise become one of the most popular tortoise type in many country and this make many people want to buy it. The demands for sulcata tortoise keep increasing as the time being and there is no sign of the demand will decrease. As long as they are still many demands for sulcata tortoise and shortage supply of breeder, the sulcata tortoise will always be very expensive tortoise.

  • It isn’t easy to breed sulcata tortoise

Sulcata tortoise, just like many other tortoise have very slow reproduction. Although they have famously long lifespan, they lay few eggs in their lifetime, but not every egg successfully hatches into newborn sulcata tortoise. This make breeding sulcata tortoise becoming very long and expensive process. There are not many sulcata tortoise breeders as it is not easy to become one. It requires lot of time and money to breed even few sulcata tortoises, and then raise them so they can be sold. No wonder that the price of sulcata tortoise is very expensive. Even for just baby sulcata tortoise, they already fetch you great price for it. The whooping price of sulcata tortoise is affected by the factors of how hard, time consuming and expensive labor in breeding sulcata tortoise successfully.

  • In addition, The cost for maintenance is also very expensive

Tortoise and turtle is famous reptile. They are famous for their cute, long living, and also exotic kind of animals that not many people could have it, however they are also famous for its whopping price and expensive maintenance cost. The maintenance cost for even regular tortoise is already whopping as you will need to install heater, installing comfortable habitats, giving them fresh vegetables to eat, and repairing any damage they done as some tortoise can have destructive ability. Sulcata tortoise also has very expensive maintenance cost. Consider maintenance cost like how you will installing heater, how you will make comfortable habitats for them and either you could provide fresh foods and health care for your tortoise or not. Consider all of this before you decides on buying sulcata tortoises.

Tortoise is one of the most expensive reptiles you could buy and sulcata tortoise is one of the most expensive of its kind. It takes a lot of efforts to take care of, require lot of money for its purchase and maintenance and not to mention that they could live for a very long time, meaning that you will pay for their maintenance cost for a very long time. They have very long lifespan though, and some of them even outlive their master, but that is what makes tortoise and turtle an amazing pet to have. Not everyone could purchase sulcata tortoise that is the reason on What Makes Sulcata Turtoise is Being an Expensive Turtoise.