The Effect of Cat’s Cross-breeding for Their Psychology

Crossbreeding become the common thing these days for the breeders. Many breeders try to make their own “invention” of creating new species which is not only pet, but also animals at large – it’s fine though as long as you comply to the ethic rules of the breeding itself. Consequently, you would not only arise the new species, but also new problematic issues if you are not aware of the side-effect of what you have done. For anyone who didn’t know what crossbreed is, you could read this article: everything that you need to know about animal crossbreeding.

Furthermore, although our topic this time isn’t animal at large – we would classify our topic only on cat – the pet cat – the effect of cat’s cross-breeding for their psychology. Yes, crossbreed system not only would change the out-look appearance, but also change the ancestry habitual, behavioral, and characteristic of animal. Yes, you could check animal psychology during the breeding process, is it normal or not, but still – what it’s done couldn’t be undone. Although these days, thanks to the sophistication of technology – enable us to wrapped animal cross-breeding process (only had been applied on farm animal).

Animal crossbred can’t be separate from intensive monitoring by veterinarian, because they would make sure that you are not doing something that could harm the animal. Perhaps you would not see any “surface irregularities”, but what about the inside? Unconsciously, we could harm our animal from the inside. This could trigger mental illness (animal psychology problematic) on the animal – lead them to depression or other serious disorder. I am positively sure, that you would won’t anything happen to your animal. Especially when we’re talking about out pet. Our buddy.

However, if you want to try to crossbreed your pet cat, once again I would remind you to consider everything – the side-effects that would strike your cat physically and mentally; does this crossbreed is really needed – or, it’s just to fulfill our ego and will? Let just ponder everything. Here’s might be help you, the effect of cat’s cross-breeding for their psychology.

The Hidden Dangers of Hybrid Cats

For every cat owner who spend a lot of time with them would not witness any dangerous or uncontrollably behavior of them. Over thousand of years spending time with human as domesticated animal changed their ‘wild’ behavioral, even there are some of the heritages manifested into their behavior from their big brother in the wildlife. There are many reasons why people adore cats and pick it as companions, one of it is how they act like they were the ‘king’ and ‘wild’ – bow to nothing.

Furthermore, this period of time arise some movements from breeders party all over the world to bring the wild side of cat’s ancestor into our lovely cat animal. Not only breed them with different breed, but also the different cat species on purpose to create some hybrid exotic cat. Wilder, and tough cat which come out with outstanding physically appearance.

Hybrid Cats

Since 1970s , scientist included cat as a part of scientific effort of the creation of hybrid animals. The study purpose was to get more understanding about leukemia and how to combat the disease by studied the heredity factors of the disease. So, the experimental happened. Those scientists were bred domestic cat with Asian Leopard Cat which is the native wild cat from East, South, and Southeast Asia.

Furthermore, when the research was finished and ended, these hybrid cats was given to people who at the end raise them as their pets. That is the turn point of the revival of  cat’s crossbreed movement on purpose to create exotic cat that would famous as little leopard. This little leopard became officially domestic hybrid cat in the 1980s under the named the Bengal breed. Other than Bengal cat, there are some of hybrid cats breed which available as common pet, such as the Chausie and the Savannah.

The Chausie is hybrid cat from the crossbreeding between domestic cat with the Jungle cat called Felis Chaus which is originally from South and Southeast Asis, Southern China, and the Middle East. The Savannah is the outcome breed from the crossbreed between domestic cat and the wild cat of Africa called Serval. You could get this hybrid cat if you want, but I suggest you to prepare some money because they were not cheap.

Health Issues and Behavioral of Hybrid Cats

There are basics behavioral differences between wild cat and domestic cat, something that perhaps spark it the first place for the breeders to try mixture these both characteristics into one body. Wild cats, such as Asian Leopard, Serval, at some period of times have tried mated the domestic cat with them, but unfortunately, the result didn’t come out as what have been expected. Even though at same point, the experiment had given a resulted, basically, these hybrid cats are still programmed as the wild animal.

Many cases that at the end, people who take care of those hybrid cat couldn’t handle their behavioral and turned those animal into shelters or the wild animal sanctuaries. The unbalanced result of hybrid cat couldn’t really fit to the household environmental. Hybrid cats often exhibit aggression to other animal and people, plus the way they act it’s so unpredictable. There are reportedly, some attacked by the hybrid cat to the members of household who kept them as pets – plus, the attacked to another animal, such dog and other domestic cat.

For your note, hybrid animal isn’t not natural crossbreeding product. Fundamentally, the breeding is resulted from two different species that would never meant to mate at the first place, because ordinarily these two species are separated by their natural habitat. Only other party intervention who could make this crossbreeding into existence. The worse side-affect of pushing irresponsible mating is unbalance health issues in the product.

The most common illness that strike the hybrid cat was irritable bowel issues (IBD) which would cause so much pain. The second one is infection of intestinal parasite which called Tririchomonas Foetus, which could lead to chronic diarrhea that would be a very problematic issue for the owner and veterinarian. So, the safe crossbreed you could try is between the domestic cats – do not try to crossbreed between two different species if you have no idea how to handle the afterward issues.