5 Reasons to be Sure that Doves make Good Pets

Birds are one of the most beautiful species among wild animals that roamed the sky of the wildlife. It’s not surprising anymore why a lot of people love to keep them as pets. Also, there are many of common bird species being domesticated animals such as lovebirds, parrots, budgerigars, cockatiels, parakeets, etc. You might also see some people do keep a species that uncommonly being raised as pet such as the animal that we would discuss as the main topic today: the doves.

Actually, doves are not less-famous than other birds, in many cultural belief doves was trusted as the symbolism of spiritual meaning. But, however, bird is just a bird; they always shared the same similarity but also owned unique specification that make them different one another. One of the example is the nesting: the nesting habit, nesting materials, nesting time, and etc. However, owning birds is not an easy thing. You need to learn new things such as how to care of them, feed them, and provide a proper house.

By the way, if you’re look for the idea to make your own birdhouse, here are 4 lovely houses for your beloved doves. Doves, although they were friendly, there are some difficulty you would face while keep them as pets. So, it is important for you to make sure do doves are the right pet for you. If you force yourself into something that you’re not, you would easily frustrate. Well, it is very bad mainly because you are bear responsibility not to yourself only, but also the life of the pets.

That is why, today we would give you some consideration materials that would help you understand the main duty as the dove’s owners. So, here are 5 reasons to be sure that doves make good pets.

1. The Care Requirements

 Learn about the Proper Diet of Doves

First thing first, the first thing of 5 reasons to be sure that doves make good pets is learned about the proper diet of doves. Familiarize yourself with all the foods requirements that doves need in order to fulfill proper treatment of caring doves. The main diet menus of doves are the mixtures of fruits and seeds, also the vegetables. The ration of foods should be 60 to 70 percent is make up for seeds, and the rest is the mixture of fruits and seeds.

You must know that doves doesn’t eat every fruit, there are some lists of forbidden fruits such as avocados and fruit seeds that no matter what you can’t give to your doves. The grit is also an important material to support dove’s digestion systems function perfectly.

2. Proper Habitat for Doves

Proper habitat for doves is the basic material for doves to lives. The habitat must allowed doves to move freely without feel the suppression while stay inside the habitat. At least, normal cage for doves measure is consist of 24″ tall, 24″ wide, and 24″ deep – this is the normal and minimum size of birdcage. One thing should be in your consideration, purchase the largest cage you could afford in attention to give your doves room to exercise and fly whenever they want.

Due to exercise the foot, you could place different size of perches, plus some toys to keep them busy all day. Doves are different than parrot; they need to fly to every spot they wanted, like to eat and perches, unlike parrots that would climb up (walk) to get into particular spot. The next step is put the cage in the right place, because the cage is not small so you also need a large spot that cover you beloved doves from climates events (rains, storm, wind, etc).

3. The Cost of Doves Care

Taken care doves aren’t cheap. Calculate your budget from the first time would help you to determine and sort out the money. But, however, you need around $300 for all the material equipment, included the bird (one bird). Dove price is not very expensive, and to know for sure, you could visit the pet stores or contact them. You need to plan the start up cost which is included: the cost of bird, food and water dishes, the cage, perches, foods, and etc.

4. Doves are Quiet Animals

Basically, birds are famous with their loud and cheerful screeching, just like we would see on parrots. It’s a little bit inappropriate to keep “loud” birds in the middle of solid neighborhood. But, it is different with doves. For you who dream to keep birds with less-loud warble, doves are the perfect birds for you. If you are not around, your doves would prefer to keep silent and don’t talk to much. Moreover, doves are typically tender species; they even didn’t talk loudly to each other.

They keep their voices as soft, low, and coo as possible – in other words, doves are polite. I am absolutely sure that this characteristic is a very relaxing habit to experience. So, do not afraid that your beloved doves would annoy anyone!

5. Doves are Tameable

A lot of people still believe that doves can’t be tame, well, that is false my friends. Doves are absolutely tameable animals; even more, some species such as Eurasian Collared dove able to speak one or two words! You might think it is impossible, but guess what? It is true. Some people did claim that they were listened a Eurasian Collared dove said “How are you?”. Furthermore, doves are easily managed; you could train this animal to flight outside or indoor.

The fun one is during the train, the dove would come back to you when you call her name. Some people who owned doves also claimed that doves are easier to tame than the other pet birds such as Finches and Budgies. But, however, the two of those birds are considered as exotic animals because of the uncommon attention for people to keep them as pets. Also, both of the birds are used to live totally in the wild nature.