4 Lovely Houses for your Beloved Doves

Doves, the symbolism of heavenly peace and true love, who would not fall in love with this white animals? However, we cannot deny that birds was one of the most beautiful creatures on earth. They were created in wonderful coloration, gifted with a perfect voice that would greet you the second you open your eyes. As wild animals, birds fly freely roamed the sky of the wildlife. They would perch on the rooftops and trees surround you enjoy the day with their group of friends.

There are many species of birds that now are being keep as pets, such as cockatiels, parrots, grey parrots, budgerigars, macaws, and also doves. However, in the wildlife, birds would build their own nest up in the tree. Their nest making process is depended by each individual of which the males are famous as the perfect builder of the nest. Why? Apparently, the males are feel the responsibility to create the prettier nest than the females. The building skill also become one of the attractiveness of male due the mating process: the rule is the prettiest nest would get the lady.

Moreover, is slightly different with pet birds. The one who bear the responsibility to build the home is us – the owners. There are many beautiful and creative ideas to build houses for our wonderful wings creature. However, if you look for the shortcut, there are hundreds of birdcage sell on pet stores or even via online. I think this is the advantage of living in modern era where other options is always available. But, where is the art of it? The easiest way is not always contained with sublimity.

Plus, sometime the birdcage you already purchase is not accordance with what you’ve expected. That would be very unpleasant feeling as a customer. That is why, why don’t you try to build the birdcage by your own hands? You don’t have to worry about the quality and the most fun about it, you could design the houses with your own idea! So, in case you need viewpoint of ideas, here are 4 lovely houses for your beloved doves!

1. Classic Victorian Style

Do you ever see classic Victorian mansion? It was astonished, isn’t it? So, why not duplicate the style of classic Victorian mansion as your dove house? I guarantee, the result is going to be awesome! First of all, the majority of Victorian mansion was built as 2 floor house; a miniature of castle look alike. The first floor (ground) most of them displayed with beautiful terrace and wood handling safety.

Classic Victorian mansion was always displayed the triangle pointed roof which is duplicate the shape of birthday’s hat, or at some point of view, you would see it more like witches houses (at least in my imagination). Of course, some of the mansion prefer to use normal shape of rooftop (the trapezoidal) – but, hey, if you really want to build Victorian style mansion, triangle pointed hat shaped is a must!

Usually, the mansion would decorate with light coloration such us blue, peach, white, yellow, red, and some assimilation of dark colors such as deep-grey and black. Actually, the light coloration is more suitable for doves that have a purely white feathers. But, however, if you prefer the gothic style which is only use dark colors, then it’s absolutely fine. The decision is yours!

2. The Church

As the doves represented heavenly peace and supernatural events, I think duplicated the church architecture would be a great idea! First, let me remind you that most of cathedral architecture is highly complicated. I am not intended to be unsupportive, but that is the fact. So, if you really intended to replicate church architectures to your dove’s house, perhaps you should a little modify your design to be simpler.

Just take the main building designs. The rooftop layouts which is usually consisted of several parts: the trapezoidal and the triangle shape which is where the bell usually being place. The next touch is pick the perfect colors to decorate the house. Well, because you are duplicate the church, I think the best option of color was the light ones, such as white, cream and peace.  Then, you could put a little touch of darker color for the rooftop. That’s it, the new dove house have been made; place the house on your backyard and let it to be eye’s amusement for everyone who see it.

3. The Lighthouse Style

Yes, this is one of the cutest design you would see and very suitable for you who only pet dove in a small numbers. The lighthouse style is duplicated the layout of the lighthouse of the beach border, which is quite romantic and perfect for this wings creature. Ordinarily, there are two options of layout which people used: the first ones is the cool look and the second is the cute look. What is that mean?

The cool look is basically copied the same formal shape of the lighthouse in every detail and represent the appearance of elegancy and stern. For the cool look, people would use the color of dark for the roof and ordinarily would use white for the body; which is the main common color for lighthouse. But, if you prefer the cute look, you would make the lighthouse style look alike a toy than a formal miniature of it.

Also, for the cute look, people would creatively use different colors from the assimilation of red and white, blue and white, light and dark brown, and etc. Basically, the house would make from wood to make it more reusable and environmentally friendly.

4. A Little Homely House

The last list of 4 lovely houses for your beloved doves is a little homely house. Well, the best place sometime is just a little comfortable and warm place. Rather than build the pretentious model of house, why not just create a little homely house? The simplest and the comfortable one for your beloved doves. Just like its name, this house is created based on common shape or house which what all children would draw in their paper; the triangle roof and the square body with a big hole as door.

This design is very simple yet comfortable to watch. All you need to do to make it more attractive is play with the coloration. Use attractive yet enchanting graduation of colors, and taraa! The house is ready to be a new home for your dove!