Beware of These 6 Scorpions Around the World

Scorpion is one of scary arthropod animals. This animal has a tail that can envenom human or other animals. Nowadays, the types of scorpions identified are about 2000 species where about 25% of the known types of scorpions have homicidal venom. This animal has even become a predator for other small animals. Scorpions can be […]

Watch Out of These 5 Venomous Animals in The World

Have you ever heard the terms venomous and poisonous? Both of them are similar because they both contain toxins which when entered into the body will cause malfunction. Even worse can cause death. What’s the difference? Poisonous is when you eat, swallow, or consume something, and then it makes you die. In short, “you bite, […]

Deathstalker Scorpion: One of the Dangerous Scorpions in the World

In this world, there are a variety of venomous animals. There are snakes, dragons, jellyfish, etc. Before reading further, let’s meet the largest lizard on earth: Komodo dragon. Or maybe, do you want to know another venomous animal? Check out this list of wild animals that live in the Amazon forest. Anyway, the scorpion is […]