Your Cat Giving Birth and You are Alone at Home? Here are 3 Ways to Help

Hello, my fellow human, nice to see you again! Today article, we would going to talk about your cat giving birth and you are alone at home? Here are 3 ways to help; yes, from the title above we already knew our main theme today. Having cat not only give us joy and amusement, it also comes with obligations, especially if your beloved cat is female. As we know, and I’ve been experience it many times, female cats are easily pregnant. Of course, it was good news. In short time we would welcome another newborn kittens, but I have to admit, too many cats could be another issues.

Knowing common signs that your cat is pregnant, and the period time of pregnancy, such as one week pregnant, three weeks pregnant, and etc; must be written in our brains. Plus, knowing how to take care of mother cat and also take care the newborn kittens are urgent things to learn. Yes, in other words, we would be a nurse for a while to take care of out beloved cats. So, today, if you in any condition, was trapped inside your house alone and the same time your cat is about to giving birth, here are four tips to prepare and help you beloved one to face the nascency!

1. The Sign of Pregnancy

Make sure that your cat is in pregnancy should be the first thing you do. The common signs of cat’s pregnancy are swollen belly, enlarged pink nipples, and end for mating call. Bring your cat to the vet do check up would be a great idea. Why vet is important? The vet could verify medical state of pregnancy; due the conditions of the baby, is it normal or there would be any complication. Especially if your cat is overweight; because the overweight cat most likely are often get into complication than ideal weight cat.

Also, the vet could decide do the pregnancy could endanger the mom, how many kittens you could expect, and etc. This is the reason why vet is important to oversee you cat during the pregnancy. Furthermore, you could start to adjust and arrange some healthy diet menus for you cat especially during the third semester of pregnancy. Provide the most healthy meals that full of nutrient is you duty as an owner; in final semester, the womb would be press the stomach and limit the amount of food your cat could eat.

So, in this time, it is a good thing to change the diet menu with kitten food, which is contained high calories in a small amount of food. However, do not forget to set up the nest. A pregnant cat would seek particular place that could be a place for her labor. In that case, it was a very good opportunity for you to direct your cat to more sterile and proper nest you have made.

Choose the safest place for you cat, like bathroom, laundry room, or another room that ensure serenity of your beloved cat. Prepare a cupboard and fill the cover with soft material such towel, blanket, or newspaper. Do not choose material that has a strong smell in it, because the kittens and mother would recognize each other by the smell.

2. Assist your Cat During the Pregnancy

First of all, please do make sure that there’s no indication of complication in the pregnancy. How to check it? You could observe your cat vulva; a green-yellow vulva might indication of womb infection, bloody vulva indicate of placental rupture, and a bright green indicate of placental separation. If you saw all these symptoms above, ask professional help immediately. However, your presence around your cat might bring some reassurance for your cat, even though she would not need your help at the most part of labor.

Keep a distance between you and your cat, but enough space to let your cat notice your presence. Always make sure that your hands are sterile and clean in case you need to intervene or assist your cat. You could wash your backhands past to your wrist, do it at least five minute. Do not forget to brush your nails with toothbrush or other tool; make sure everything is clear and clean. Pay attention on every delivery of the labor. If you saw your cat had pushed hard for an hour but there’s no sign of kitten, it might indicate a problem.

Contact the vet as soon as possible to get an help. But, you could wait for another- at least five or ten minutes. If still no sign of kitten, then you should probably call the vet. Remove the amniotic sac immediately if the mother doesn’t remove it quickly. Make sure you break the membrane around the kitten’s face, and do make sure you used sterilize gloves and then wipe the kitten’s face with a dry clean towel. Place the kitten under mother’s nose, ordinarily your cat immediately would lick her newborn kitten. However, make sure you clean kitten bodies with towel before they come back to their mother.

Monitor the placenta on each kitten. Do not ever attempt to pull the placenta by yourself! If you in force pull the placenta it could rip off the uterus; so, if you see mother’s placenta did not expel, take you cat to the vet immediately because it could cause serious infection to your cat. Do not ever attempt to do something stupid like cut the cord or other thing that you don’t know. Well, that all the point, my dear friends.

3. Take Care of the Mother and Kittens

Take care the kittens as soon as possible after the labor. Give them milk to help them created antibodies inside the newborn. Do remember that newborns are deaf and blind when born; so, ordinarily they would seek their mother nipples by smell. A lot of case that you cat (the mother) would wait all her babies born before she let the kitten suckle; but, there are some cases that the mother would refuse her kittens, so it’s better you prepare for the situation. You could prepare the milk (powder milk), and give it to the kittens through fostering bottles.

Furthermore, look after the mother and kitten health frequently. Provide them all the good and healthy food, fresh water, change the bed with new pad (towel). If you want further and proper nursery, you could bring them to the vet that would observe and take medical record both to your cat and the newborns.

That’s all from today article: your cat giving birth and you are alone at home? Here are 3 ways to help. Do not panic, keep your presence around your cat, and I wish you the best good luck!