3 Unique facts about Red Deer when Giving Birth

Giving birth is the process that every female creatures on earth would experience. For pets, you need to how to help them even if you alone at home. The afterward affect was also experienced by some pets animals – most of the time it’s associated with animals’ changed behaviors and each individual is different. What […]

Your Cat Giving Birth and You are Alone at Home? Here are 3 Ways to Help

Hello, my fellow human, nice to see you again! Today article, we would going to talk about your cat giving birth and you are alone at home? Here are 3 ways to help; yes, from the title above we already knew our main theme today. Having cat not only give us joy and amusement, it […]

3 Important Signs of A Rabbit Before Giving Birth

Hello, fellow animal lover! Rabbits are prolific animals. Just like how we often heard saying “breed like rabbits”, they can be breed and produce offspring once they are sexually mature or reach 6-8 months old. Small size bunny usually matures faster than the bigger one, and some smaller breeds even reach sexual maturity at the […]

How to Tell That Your Goat is Close to Giving Birth

After a long wait, your doe will finally come into her labor! At the end of the pregnancy phase and close to the delivery date, there are a few things that you need to work on. Start to aware of all the small chance on your doe. Check your doe regularly and more frequently so […]

How To Take Care A Mommy Hamster After Giving Birth

Many beginners are confused, how to take care a mommy hamster after giving birth? So, below here there are some solutions to take care of your mommy hamster at home. Let’s check it out what are the solutions. 1. Take out the male hamster Please take out the male hamster before mommy hamster giving birth. […]

4 Dog’s Behavior After Giving Birth

It is not surprising to see your dog who just underwent delivering to change her behavior. You have to know that this is caused by several transitions your dog went through during her pregnancy period into delivering. Your kind of sweet and cute dog will become into an impulsive and also an annoying dog. She […]

Safest Ways To Clean Mother Dog After She Gives Birth

Giving birth is a tiring process and also a joyful moment in welcoming new members of the family. However, this process will create a messy condition afterward. Body fluids and bloody discharge will contaminate your dog’s bed and her fur. Not only amniotic fluid which expelled during delivery process, but sometimes a dog can also […]

3 Important Tips to Take Care Of Mother Dog After Giving Birth

A lot of happiness, joyfulness, excitement, and relief you will feel when your puppies delivered. You should get ready for extra care for the extra time to care for the mom and a litter of puppies. Here we are going to focus on the mom as it is written in the title, 3 Important tips […]

5 Important Tips to Take Care of Mother Cat after Giving Birth

Momma Mia!!! Your cat has given birth adorable and cute kittens. Exactly, it will be an exciting time for you both. Absolutely, you can trust her for looking after her kittens, but how about the MOM? Who will be looking after? YES, the answer is YOU as the owner. As the owner you should take […]