3 friendly christmas tree for your beloved cat

Hello our dear readers, and if you read this article by the time we post it or at least not long after we made it, Merry Christmas! And happy New Year! Christmas is a time where every family member will come together and gather in revelations and joy. Everyone loves Christmas and the best way to spend your Christmas is by gather together, come together with our loved ones and generally having a good family time together. If you are our regular readers in our animal loving community, we are hereby giving you our dearest regard and hope you will have the merriest Christmas.

Today, we are going to talk about how cat owners will prepare for Christmas. Unlike any person who isn’t cat owner, Cat owner need to prepare how to make sure their cat isn’t ruining their Christmas decorations. Cat is curious creature, playful and really love shiny things like Christmas tree. It is very often to see cat playing with Christmas tree and ruining it. It can be frustrating when your cat is gnawing on your Christmas tree and playing with Christmas décor and then ruining your home décor. It can sometime ruin your holiday so as a cat owner you need to make sure you have cat proof decorations installed.

When talking about Christmas decoration, of course a Christmas tree is a must. However, cat really love to play with Christmas tree, and it is very often for cat to play with Christmas tree and ruining it by accident. To prevent your cat from ruining your tree, you can try to install a cat proof Christmas tree. If you don’t know about it, here are 3 friendly christmas tree for your beloved cat.

Some cat proof Christmas tree ideas you can try to install

 The ideas of cat proof Christmas tree is by making your Christmas tree out of reach from your cat’s paw. To keep your cat from gnawing on Christmas tree, the cat proof tree is made to be out of reach from your cats like to make sure the tree is high enough from the ground away from the reach of your cats. Cat proof Christmas tree is also sturdier and sometime have line tucked in the tree to prevent your tree from falling. If you are looking for an ideas of cat proof Christmas tree, here are some cat friendly Christmas tree for you.

  • High Cat Proof Christmas tree

One way to prevent your cat from ruining your Christmas tree is by making sure your cat can’t reach any of the shiny decorations hanged in your Christmas tree. By using a high Christmas tree, it allows you to have a tree that is high enough so your cat can’t reach it easily. Then you can sit in peace, since the decoration is too high for your cat to reach. You can reinforce the tree with sturdy line tucked between top of the tree and the ceiling.

  • Reinforced Christmas Tree tucked in line

You can also try to reinforce your Christmas tree by using a line. Sturdy line like a fishing line can be used to tucked down the tree to the ceiling so it won’t easily fall over when your cat gnawing on it. If you are worried that the lamps might fall, then you can use a hanger to hang the lamp. A sturdy hanger with hook, then reinforce it with some wire.

  • Upside down Christmas tree

If you want to have an unusual but brilliant cat proof Christmas tree, why not try an upside down tree? This tree is usual Christmas tree but upside down. This way you can rest easy knowing your cat won’t be able to reach your tree. Installing an upside down tree might be quite a hassle tough.

Now, that’s some of our 3 friendly christmas tree for your beloved cat. If you still have any other ideas on cat proof Christmas tree, don’t be shy and be sure to comment in our section to share your ideas and opinion.