2 recommended cat proof holiday decoration at home

First of all, happy holiday and merry Christmas! Nothing much better than spending a holiday time with all of the family member surrounded by your loved ones without much worry in this world. Whenever planning a holiday trip, or planning to decorating your house with Christmas decorations, you should always consider a choice of your decorations. Thinking about what decorations you will use and what you will hang is exciting, however if you are pet owners, especially a cat owners, then there are some extra steps and precautious you need to take. Somewhat, cats and Christmas decorations can’t be inside one room, and sometimes it is destruction waited to happen. Some cats might not as destructive as other cats with Christmas decoration, but still you need to take a precautious.

Cats love shiny things, as they are curious and playful animals. They will always poke around shiny things, chasing a shiny or noisy things and can even gnawing on decorations like Christmas tree. Some cats might not be as destructive as other cats, however most of the cats whenever they see a shiny things such as Christmas tree will quickly jump in excitement to gnaw and play with Christmas tree. Well after all, a cat is curious creature and don’t understand if Christmas decorations aren’t thing for them to play. If you want to make sure your holiday run smoothly without your cat prancing, jumping and ruining your Christmas decorations all around your house, then there are actually some recommended cat proof holiday home décor for you to choose. If you don’t know about it, Here are 2 recommended cat proof holiday decoration at home you can choose and make.

Recommended cat proof holiday décor ideas for your home

When thinking about Christmas holiday decorations, one thing that will pop out in mind is of course a Christmas tree. However, there are also other decorations such as hanging a mistletoe, holly and other shiny trinkets you can choose to buy for your house. To make sure your decorations won’t be ruined by curious paw of cats, there are many things you can do such as buying a cat proof decorations, or trying to prevent your cat from going to the room full of decorations. The best way is to just buy cat proof decorations and that way your cat can’t playing with Christmas decorations and your home décor is safe from your cat playful paw. If you still have no idea about cat proof Christmas decorations, here are some recommended ideas for you.

  • Cat proof Christmas Tree, Safe from your curious cat’s paw

The difference between a cat proof Christmas tree and regular Christmas tree is that cat proof Christmas tree is designated to make sure your tree is safe from the paw of your cat, away from the reach of your cats. Cat proof Christmas decoration is a Christmas tree that is too high for your cat to reach. There is also an idea where you put your Christmas tree hanging upside down from the ceiling of your room, so therefore your cats can’t reach your tree. The idea is to prevent your cat from reaching shiny lamps and décor in your Christmas tree.

  • Cat proof home Christmas décor

Other Cat proof Christmas décor such as mistletoe and holly is a décor that hanged in walls or in front of the door. Sometimes cats are also curious about new things such as Christmas décor, so sometimes your cat might trying to reach mistletoe or holly hanging in the wall. You can prevent it by making sure your decoration is firmly attached to the walls and make sure your cat can’t reach it.

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