how to keep cat away from christmas tree

Happy holiday, Merry Christmas and happy new year! Hope the spirit of holiday is always high for you, and all of your holiday plans will run smoothly without any hassle. If you are looking to plan out your holiday, then there are some things you might need to consider from buying your Christmas decorations, inviting guests and cooking your holiday foods, but today we are going to focus on the Christmas decorations because it isn’t Christmas if you don’t decorate your home properly and it is definitely a boring Christmas without Christmas tree.

If you are cat owner, then decorating your home with Christmas accessories might need some consideration and some work. Somehow, cats and Christmas decoration can’t be inside one room and it is a recipe for disaster to come. Cats always chasing a shiny and noisy things, and can you guess why they love to gnaw on Christmas tree? That’s because Christmas decoration is really shiny and then cats will think of it as a plaything. Cats love to gnaw, and playing with Christmas tree, sometimes they play too much and might even destroy a Christmas tree. Nothing will ruin your holiday family time than a cat that is ruining your Christmas tree. As a cat owner, one thing you should be aware is to make sure you keep your cat away from Christmas tree. Right now, we are going to give you guide on how to keep cat away from christmas tree and how to prevent cat from destroying your Christmas tree.

Guide on how to keep your cat from destroying Christmas tree

Cat is curious and a very playful animal and they loves to play with anything that is shiny and noisy. Cats whenever they see a shiny Christmas tree they will jump around in excitement and trying to gnaw on Christmas tree. It is very often for a cat owner have a case of destructive cats that ruin their holiday by ruining a Christmas tree and their other decorations. As cat owners, then you might need to know some ideas and guide on how to make sure to keep your cat away from your Christmas tree. Here are a guidance and tips to keep your cat away from Christmas tree and other Christmas décor.

  • Buy a cat proof Christmas tree

One way to keep your cat away from destructing your Christmas tree is by using a cat proof Christmas tree to make sure your cat can’t ruin your tree. There are many cat proof Christmas tree ideas and you can even buy some pre made tree in online shop. Some of these ideas are really brilliant and could really useful for your holiday times. Your cat won’t ruin your Christmas tree anymore if you are using these kind of tree. If you don’t know ideas of cat proof Christmas tree, then we have some ideas and recommendation of cat proof Christmas tree and home décor for you.

  • Use Line to tuck top of the tree to ceiling

To keep your cat from ruining your tree, you can try to tuck your tree with line to the ceiling. You can tuck the top of the tree to prevent your tree from falling if your cat decided to gnaw on the tree. You can also make sure the tree branch is high enough so you can hang decorations high enough, out of reach from your cat.

  • Make sure your cat isn’t present when installing your décor

Avoid installing Christmas décor while your cat is watching. Your cat will try to play with Christmas decorations, and they will keep bugging you with it. Make sure to install it while your cat is in other room, or prevent it from coming to room where you will install your tree.

There are still many other tips and tricks on how to keep cat away from christmas tree. If you found any other advice and guidance about keeping cat away from Christmas décor, mention it in our comment section right away.