2 best cat proof home decorations for Christmas

Christmas have come, and now it is the time for holiday. Christmas is the most loved and many people always awaiting for this time of years, and it is one of the most long awaited holiday of all times. However, when planning on your Christmas holiday, many people will need to do lot of things, and many things to consider, especially if you are pet owner, then you have an extra things you need to worry about and think about. If you are pet owner, especially a cat owner, then you will need to make sure your cats behave properly, and won’t ruin your Christmas decorations. Cats are curious creature and whenever they see something shiny and interesting, they will claw at it, gnaw at it and play with it. This is why as a cat owner, you will need to make sure your home decorations are cat proof, and make sure your cats  behave properly on holiday or else you will have quite hard time on holiday. Well, no one like to have hard time holiday, so the cat proof home decorations will definitely help you.

Cat is a curious creatures, whether it is shiny things, clinging keys, shiny lamps or Christmas threes, cats will always be curious about anything else. As a cat owners, you should probably be worried especially when holiday come since you will need to make sure you decorate your house properly while also to make sure your cat behave and won’t ruin your Christmas decorations. If you are planning on doing a Christmas decoration for your home, and you have a kitten nearby, then you might need to buy some cat-proof Christmas decoration. To make sure the spirit of holiday is still high, and make sure your holiday is going smoothly without worrying your cat to ruin your decorations, here are 2 best cat proof home decorations for Christmas alongside with tips on installing cat-proof Christmas decorations.

Best cat proof home décor for Christmas and how to install it properly and safely

To make sure cat won’t ruin your Christmas decorations, there are some way to avoid it. One simple way is by making sure any Christmas decoration is out of reach from your cat. Cat loves shiny things and if your cat sees your Christmas tree, they will definitely be curious with it and try to ruin them. Well, to make sure your holiday goes smoothly, and prevent your cats from ruining your Christmas tree then you need to make sure your home and decorations are cat proof. Well, if you are looking for a cat-proof home décor, then here are some best ideas of cat-proof Christmas decorations for your home.

  • Cat-proof Christmas Tree

Cat loves shiny things and what are things that more shiny than a Christmas tree with glittering lamps, glorious Christmas décor sitting helplessly in the corner of the room. Cats are curious and playful creature and they will see a Christmas tree as sort of giant plaything. If you are happen to have a cat at home and you are going to install a Christmas tree, then consider to choose a cat proof Christmas tree instead of regular tree. The difference between a cat proof Christmas tree and regular Christmas tree is the height of the trees and shrub to hang the décor. The cat proof tree is taller, and you can hang the lamps and other shiny things out of reach from your cat.

  • Cat-proof holly, mistletoe and other hanging decorations

Hanging decoration such as mistletoe and holly can also sometime become a plaything for your cats. If you are cat is playful and active, then your cat might sometime jump around and trying to grab some hanging decorations. You will need a cat proof decoration that are harder to snatch from your cat or higher from your cats reach.

Installing Cat-proof Christmas decorations

That’s our 2 best cat proof home decorations for Christmas now to install it, you need to make sure you install it without your cat present there. Make sure to move your cat to other room so they won’t see you installing that décor. Install it quick and properly, make sure to install it strong so it won’t easily fall off when your cat started to gnawing on it.