5 Successful Tips to Care for Goat in Autumn Season

Autumn season is the first gate before we turning into winter. By this season, the weather tends to more moisture and cold. Also, the grass that used as food supply for goat will getting wet so you must be careful of broken food.

Both dry, winter, and autumn season has their own challenge. For example, dry season has challenge with lack of grass that cause of lack of water so the grass can’t grow well. On winter, farmer must war with cold weather that freezing the water and the grass. Also, they have to war with cold temperature that may kills the goat. In autumn season which mostly preparing for winter season, some problems that may usually reducing temperature, wet forage, and heat period.

Beside that, something like pasture also has problem during autumn where is leaves will fall and it covering the grass. So, those fallen leaves will including ate by goat.

To make you clear, here is some successful tips to care for goat in autumn season.

  • Forage and water system

During autumn season, grass started hard to be finding because the leaves will fall. Beside leaves problem, grass is hard to find also because of their condition that usually already wet. Wet grass is really unrecommended for goat, so don’t give it to them. It is better if you can preserve the grass. It is also recommended if you can mix the grass with concentrate so the forage issue can be prevented well. Giving additional food for goat during autumn until winter season is normally done by farmer because they do know that looking grass on some season is limited. To keep farm’s quality, it is no matter how hard looking for food, that food should available every day. Remind food is very crucial so there is no reason to leave it. Looking for another additional food is really recommended for you who already lose hope to looking grass. As we know forage system isn’t only about green or additional food, something like fermentation food also available and can gives to the goat.

  • Cage management system

Cage must be built to warmer during autumn season. Usually, the weather getting cold and the wind blows are will getting stronger so it is necessary for you to close any ventilation or hole especially when the night come. This is to stabilize temperature inside the cage and also warmer the goat.

  • Additional heater

If you already closing the ventilation but the temperature is still low, you need to install additional heater. As we know autumn season makes every day is cloudy so you can turn the heater as long as you want, as long as the temperature is balance enough. Before you decide to install additional heater, make sure that you count it on and it suits with electricity power. You need to determine how much additional heater that you need to install. Even goat itself already has hair to warm their self, make sure that they are all got feel the warm.

  • Heat period

Male goat usually has heat period during autumn season. It is pretty close with female goat. Usually, Swiss’s male goat entering his heat period in autumn. The symptom of male goat that entering this period is like losing interest towards female goat. Male heat period goat will show the rolled smirk lips and throw his pee above his front legs. This is used to build interest point than female goat.

  • Pasture

Pasture during autumn is good time to be enjoyed. The wind blows and some fresh grass available in the area. Beside to enjoying this time, make sure that the area is dry enough. Wet area will invite some health problem and disease to the goat if they keep ate it. Make sure that you take your goats at least when the sun is already getting higher, around 10-12 am. You can put all goats to grazing under that time but make sure that the grass is pretty dry.

Basically, farm treatment is moving. It followed by any season that come up. Season come and go and we can’t handle it. All we can do is deal with it and looking for alternative to cheat it. Also, prevent step need to be increased on some season.

The key to face any season is spirit and patient. Your farm isn’t in every season because season can’t be controlled. All is in your hand. The better you manage the farm, the more you rise the goat better. What ever the season is, make sure that you will always keep the cleanliness both cage cleanliness and the cleanliness of yourself. Bacteria, virus, or any disease has same possibility to attack the goat in every chance of time, because of that make sure you really concern with this issue.