How to Take Care of Goats in Dry Season

If we need to comparing which one is easiest between taking care goat in dry season or wet season, the answer may can dry and wet season. Both of them has their own challenge if we relate it as take care goats business. Dry season has little bit risk than wet season. As we know when wet season the grass will getting moisture and it invites some disease or bacteria to come up. But in dry season, that thing didn’t face to you. The main problem that usually comes in dry season is forage system bussines like dehydrate and food system and cage management which is as we know, all is dry and the grass too. During dry season, the main problem that usually come up is lack of grass.

But thank to dry season because by the hot temperature, the grass will more long-lasting as long as it keeping in cool temperature. Also, it helps bathing period easier and faster. The grass grows may not good because of lack water supply that usually as main problem when the dry season come up. They usually need more water to growing well so usually in dry season the farmer usually using additional food.

Beside food, cage management have to manage either. Technically, to face dry season totally preventive should be taken so the result can be enjoyed and there is no serious problem happened during dry season.

To make you know how to take care of goats in dry season, here is the information.

  • Additional forage system management

Food is really crucial thing when dry season come. We usually lost of grass because lack of water during dry season will ruining the grass grows process. So, during dry season it absolutely grass storage will getting low. To hack this situation, you can mix the little grass with additional food. You can mix it or just gives the additional one. It is all depend of you which one is more effective to gives to goat. To make additional food, you can use concentrate that made of residual food and some minerals like calcium and salt. The schedule of additional food giving should be suit with the old of the goat. For 5 months old you better give 200 grams concentrate per day and you can give 300 grams concentrate for older. This concentrate gives once per day in the morning before green food given. By this way, hopefully goat’s weight can increase at least 100 grams per day. By this way you don’t need to worry anymore when feed your goat because there is alternative way to solve lack of grass that usually happened in dry season.

  • Modify cage system

To reduce hot temperature that must be come in dry season, make sure that you make many holes to being air ventilation. This hole will help you to gain natural wind blows. Beside to reduce the temperature inside the cage, this wind blows will help you to reduce any smell in the cage included poop and food smell that usually mix at one. Open up the plastic that may covering the hole in the cage. Also, don’t forget to upgrade water system in the cage so there is no lack of water during dry season.

  • Installing additional blower

If natural wind blows may not enough, you can install additional blower to stabilize temperature inside the cage. Make sure that the electricity in your farm is well enough to support the additional blower. Make sure that the quantity of the blower is suitable with the wide of cage and the quantity of goat itself so it more maximal.

As mentioned before, both dry and wet season has their own challenge to your goat farm. Whatever you take for those goats, if we talk about immune or proof over some season all goats has same possibility. Possibility to sick, hungry, dehydrate, and may health. It depends how you treat them. Is it your management works well? Or maybe you need some evaluation to make it real? All things didn’t always work on first time, especially for you who still beginner you need to try and error to find something that suit to use in your farm during dry season.