Aging in Dogs: Can it be Recognized from the Beginning?

Dog was one of God’s gift for humanity. They were creature that all we could want: loyal, kind, and the best companion for you and your family. If this is your first time dog, you might need to help the dog adjust with a new family, once he adapted with the new family, trust me my friends, he would totally do everything for you. The plus of keeping dog than other pets, you could train the dog to guard your house! Some people even say that the dog is the best security for your house, and I couldn’t be more agree with that.

Over the time, you would experience a lot of things with your dog, once he gets older, you might want to give him another companion, another puppy. Some of those older dogs would not easily accept the puppy, people, but do not worry though, you could teach your older dog to to accept the new puppy. Actually there are benefits of getting a puppy with an older dog, such as learning house’s rules from the senior dog, and others. But, yes, it hurt when we learned that our beloved dog is getting older. There are many things to expect with an older dog, and one of the most painful one is the time he would leave us.

Yes, no one would able to imagine that thing, but it is what it is. Our adorable dog would aging like us – even faster, and we have to prepare for all the possibility that could happen. But, truly, how we could notice that our dog is begun to aging? Especially for the beginners, you might don’t know this matter. It’s okay, my friends, because in this today article we would learn how to recognize dog aging.

Aging in dogs: can it be recognized from the beginning?

Signs of Aging in Your Dog

Like human, aging could not be hold. Every single creature on earth would aging – unless you’re a vampire or immortal, then that is another case, folks. While human aging is easily recognized, how about our buddy dog? Do we able to recognized aging symptoms in our dog? The truth is yes, we could recognize some of the symptoms of dog’ aging that ongoing in our dogs. Therefore, we would share common signs you should aware of dog’ aging.

Age-related Issues start to Appear

The easiest things to notice in dog’ aging is some age related issues start hitting your dog. The two first diseases that start to make the appearances are cognitive dysfunction syndrome and joint disorders. The bad news of these are that the two of them couldn’t be cure but only could be manage. Apparently, the aging process potentially increase some other dangerous disease such liver failure and cancer.

Another common problem you should expect is sight and hearing problems which also common occurred in older people. But, you need to remember, not all these changes was related to disease. It’s just simply the decrement of body’ function due the aging.

Changes on Dog’ Behavioral

Secondly, the striking differences would exhibit in dog’ behavioral. As you dog aging, he would be less-enthusiastic than before. This is very normal; you would see this example occurred in people, also. Older people would be calmer and tender than young people who full of hysteria. Unfortunately, you’ll see this occurred in senior dog soon or later. He would be “lazy” to walk or even greeting you – but, it’s not because he didn’t love you anymore, it’s just because his body easily tired.

Another issue comes from behavioral changing is the hard time to handling stress. Consequently, you would witness your dog to be a little bit anxious on small things, included: separation anxious (he is afraid you’re gonna leave him), meet new dog, people enter your house, and many more.

Weight Problem

The last signs that your dog is aging is weight problem: both loss of gain weight. Due the aging, your dog would be less-active than before, that’s mean he couldn’t burn the calories inside his body like he used to. So, this issues lead to the common problem of senior dog: obesity. To handle this situation, you might need to shift your dog food to the foods which produced for senior dogs. You could find it in most of the animal stores out there.

Last words, all you have to do is never leave your aging dog. Love him more, and assure him that you accept him for what he was. Love would make it easier for your dog to face the time that slowly swollen him.