Why does Take a Picture with the Animals are Forbidden to Do?

Mother earth gifted to us the wildlife among us so that we would not become the only creature (human) on this earth, and we should glad for it. Not only the natures spread magnificent around us, but also all the wonderful wild animals that roamed in it. There’s nothing you could ask to compare with this wondrous creations. Furthermore, heartwarming picture of animals always touch everyone who see it. These animals able to manifest love like people do.

They take care of each other just like us taking care the ones we love. Unfortunately, nothing last forever was applied to all creatures on earth. These animals – they extinct over the time just like human; we all have our own unknown limited time on earth. Therefore, various ways have been done to save these animals from the extinction, one of the way is throughout the conservation and zoos. Inside these places you could see animals’ species and breeds that exist on our planet.

The wonderful of the wildlife would never boar anybody; if we see photograph of people riding elephants (although this case was trigger controversy due the health and of the elephants themselves), tigers playing in the river, and crocodile preying his meal under the surface of water, we would always amaze of these varieties of animals. But, one thing you might never thought is that there’s subject arose of ethical consideration of taking picture of animals in the wildlife or in the captivity?

Yes, it’s quite surprising, isn’t? How does photography affect animals? Do we hurt those wondrous living being by taking their picture? In this article today: why does take a picture with the animals are forbidden to do we would learn about this extraordinary subject that arise among people. So, stay with us, people!

The Morality of Taking Picture of Animals are questionable

First thing to consider of wildlife photography is the first time you step into habitat of particular animals, that mean you have been considered or potentially disturb the animal – worse, you threat the animal’ live. So, if we question again do taking picture of animal morally wrong? The truth is not always the case, explained Melissa Groo, a naturalist and wildlife photographer of National Geographic. Moreover, she explained that in these days, animals needs more people to tell their stories more than ever.

Furthermore, she stated that one of four species of animals these days are facing the extinction. But, then, Melissa said that the first rule that should followed by all the wildlife photographers was to do no harm to the animals. She then continued, the more she jumps deeper into her passion, the more she understands that wildlife photography isn’t about the right or wrong, but it’s all about nuances and discretion every time she toke a picture, because every animal is so different.

This job (wildlife photography) was about being sensitive and attuned to animal’ habitat and their behavioral, and building photographer’ field craft. Another important rule Melissa added is to remind all wildlife photographer to not habituate animal to contact with them (photographer) or other human. Moreover, do not feed the animals to get the photo of them; she added that is not a depiction of reality. All that matter is how we connected this disconnected world between human being with nature, like a painting of Disney, she explained.

No matter that the person was amateurs of professionals, the main job of wildlife photographers was accurately described the reality of nature to people in the middle of their busy days. Try to picture the wondrous of the nature. Melissa even said that she tried to tell people that is wild, then just keep it wild the way it is. Yes, it is absolutely fascinating to imagine us taking a perfect picture of wild animal like Melissa did, but let me remind you, my dear, it’s not a simple task to do for all people.

You need to consider that you are jumping into another creature territory, which mean make you a threat for those animals. These photographers (amateur and professional) knew how to protect themselves in the wildlife. But, how about us? Why does take a picture with the animals are forbidden to do, it’s all due our own safety – especially for ordinary people like you and me. Therefore, do not be reckless and thoughtfully think your own ability, because this is a wildlife, not a place you used to be.