Who are Rat Predators? Avoid Your Rats from being Eaten

Do you consider keeping a rat as a pet just like Ron Weasley? It might surprise you, while the majority of people try to eliminate rats, some people turn out give attention and credit to this animal – even more, they decided to took it as their pet. Keep in mind, that the wild rats are different from the pet rats. It is true that wild rats are contained with some infectious dangerous substances and diseases due to their dirty environmental surround them. But, that is not what happened to rat pet. Rat pets are as clean as other pets as long as the owner took a good care of them.

You afraid that rat behavior could not be control, then you are wrong. Senior veterinarian called Dr. Pippa Elliot claimed that as long as you keep the rat socialize since a young age, treat them with love and respect just like other normal pets, they would become friendly and wouldn’t bite you. Dr. Pippa explained further, that based on researched rats are intelligent and reviled based on the study, rat’s brain shared the same function as a dog. If dog could recognize their owner, then rat could do the same. In other words, your rat pet would understand that you’re the one that take care of them.

As long as you monitor the rat, regularly in health, cleanness, and build the social rings around the rat, rat would be a safe companion. Furthermore, some issues that perhaps would bother you while keep a rat as a pet is the predators. As we know, rat is one of the main food for some animals. However, today’s article: who are rat predators? Avoid your rats from being eaten – would give you some tricks to keep your rat as safety as possible from the eyes of predators, and recognize some natural predators of rats. So, without further do, here is who are rat predators? Avoid your rats from being eaten.

The Natural Predators of Rats

In the carnivorous food of chain, rats was one of the animals that placed at the bottom of the chain. The wildlife nature had placed them mostly as a prey for other powerful animals. Not only the wild animal, some domestic animals included in the list of rat natural predators. Moreover, here are the list of most prolific and the most effective rat killers out there:

Felines Species

Tom and Jerry, remember? For as long as I could remember, these two different species would always become an enemy. A pair of animals that could not be sit together in the same place, without any injure on the rat side – for sure. It’s part of basics behaviors of cat – hunting their prey. But, apparently, the number of domestic felines was preferred the mouse rather than the rat. Although that’s bring us a little of consolation, still some of them would take on a rat. The mine coon and American shorthair was famous for their aggressiveness and cold blooded killers of rodents. The best and most effective feline that hunt the rat is Bobcats – the wildcats.


Falcons, hawks, eagles, are the lists of predators that famous of their skill for killing rodents. Apparently, no matter is in daylight or in the depth of night, no place is safe for rats. Falcon and hawk would welcome them in the daylight, while in the depth of night, the owl would hunt them without mercy. Surprisingly, the owl is more dangerous for rat because the would hunt them down in time of rat forage their foods.


Be aware of the watch dog or they shall eat your rats. The true nature of dog’s behavior would emerge when they see their prey. But, you could take a breath though, because not every dog would hunt your rat. The most famous breeds that you should keep an eye on them are German Pinscher, Dachshund, and miniature Schnauzer. If, in coincident you have one of those breeds, you could try to accustom both of your pets, so the could adapt by the presence of each individual.

How to Keep Your Rat Safe

Keep Your Pet Rat in the Safe Place

  • The first thing you can do is make sure to buy a cage for rat. Cage is essential tool to keep them safe by other parties that try to disturb your rats. If you have another pets (dog or cat), place the cage in separate room which your other pet couldn’t enter. Do not place them in open room that can’t be close. At least, if the room has a door you could open and close it, so whenever your rat is escape from its cage, the would still safe.
  • Place the cage in a high level surface which can’t be reach by your other pet. You could put the cage up in the table, self, or any high level materials inside the room. Don’t forget to check the space of the material – strong and large enough to accommodate the cage, hold it not to fall. Also, make sure that the cage is fully close – nothing is broke.

Introduce Your Other Pet with the Rat

  • Do not ever force the two of your pet to be friend. Let them bond naturally without your intervention. The worst possibility if you push them both in your own time, your other pet would attack the rat. However, the only thing that you could do is monitor and watch them from a distance.
  • First thing first, the thing that you should make sure is that your rat is comfortable enough with you holding it. If they were still nervous and not quite comfortable with your touch, then it’s not a good time to start a friendship between both of them.
  • The next step, you could place the cage beside your other pet frequently, to make them at least know each other. Furthermore, you could release your rat outside under your supervisor and let the two animals bond their relationship.

Protect from Outside Predators

  • The only thing you could do is don’t ever let your pet roam outside the house. However, if you decided to take them out of the cage outside you house – you should always be present with them. Never put your guard off, and keep an eye to your beloved pet rat.