3 Ways to Cross Color Breed Cats that Might Worked

Among pets that are commonly domesticated, cats still have numerous lovers, thus making it one of the most popular pets. The attraction that cats have makes them very appealing as pets because of their physical appearances and funny behaviors, and also their sweet and innocence face. Other than that, some people also like the colors that cats have, especially its variety of patterns and colors. Here are the 3 ways to cross color breed cats that might have worked for you to try yourself.

Can cats be crossbred?

Before we talk further on how to cross color breed cats, we should understand first the question that might popped in the first place, is cross color breeding in cats possible? The answer to that question might varies, because there’s a chance that cross color breeding in cats can occur, but to force that condition is not easy except with genetic modification in cats, which is tricky and cost a fortune. It is also possible to breed domestic cat with Persian Cat.

How to cross color breed

Colors in cats have become one attraction that is adored by cat lovers. Cross color breeding in cats have become hopes that wanted to be achieved when there’s a cat that have interesting pattern and color. Tabby cats are one example for a type of cat that is commonly crossbred. As stated before, cross color breeding may not be easy, so the thing that can be done is only raising its chance by doing some of the ways below.

  • Breed the cat with different colored parents

To get a color that is crossed from both of its parent, the first step is to breed it with parents that have different colors and patterns. With this difference, the rate of possible cross color breed would increase, even though it can’t be confirmed on how much it increased.

  • Choose the less dominant colored male

The next step that’s needed to be done to cross color breed is to choose different colored male but the one that is not too dominant. This is because most of the colors that cat gets are from the male parents. If the male’s color is less dominant, there is a higher chance that the offspring would have cross colors that may have be gotten from the female. Also don’t forget to check for the signs of male cats that have successfully mated.

  • Keep it mated with other parents

As stated above, forcing a cat to cross color breed is uncertain, but it may occur if the rate is raised. One way to increase the rate is to continue trying to breed it with other colored cats. This cross color breeding would eventually yield to cross colored kittens. Be sure to check for signs of pregnancy in your cat after you started breeding.

And that is all about our article on 3 ways to cross color breed cats that might worked. If you have the time, you could try to breed your own cats to have different colored kittens. Be sure to read our other article on common misunderstandings in treating Persian Cats and facts about Sphynx Cat. See you on our next article!