All You Need to Do if You Want to Treat The Ragdoll Cat

Cat is such a pleasure animal to keep as pet, not to mention variant of species which are available out there. From Persian cat, angoras, British shorthair, Scottish Fold, American shorthair, and also the ragdoll cat; yes, you could pick the one that suit with you the most! Cats ranked as second the most common animal to pet, and of course, you could guest the first ranked of the list, yes the dog.

With variants of breed cats and – of course – with all the variety of different characteristics and features, could lure anyone to love them. A lot people fell to their enchantment of beautiful eye colors and their adorable hair pattern. But, all these features also need a lot of treatment, for instance how to groom a cat with matted hair. Every single cat should be treated in different way based on the species.

The hair treatment that given to Scottish fold is different than the treatment that given to angora cat, because they have different type of hair structure. Also, one of the most important thing is given the best type of foods to your beloved cat. No matter what species of cat do you have, basically, they shared the same type of diets. All that’s matter is you could provide the best nutrition that their body needed.

Not only the primarily diet menus, you also need to provide some treats for your beloved cat. However, today we would specialize our topic for ragdoll cat. Yes, ragdoll cat is one of cat species that owned beautiful features. Ragdoll cat has mesmerizing white long hair, and a pair of amazing blue eyes that could hypnotize anyone who sees it. Perhaps, perfection is the only word that could describe overall appearance of ragdoll cat.

Taking care of this such beautiful creature need a lot of understanding. So, on today article: all you need to do if you want to treat the ragdoll cat, we would learn together how to taking care of ragdoll doll in the most appropriate ways to make sure your not do any mistake that affect your beloved cat. Without further do, here’s all you need to do if you want to treat the ragdoll cat!

How to Treat a Ragdoll Cat

Ragdoll cat treat is fairly easy. As long as you know the basic skills of cat nursery, I think you would be fine my friends. The most important thing in nursery that you able to provide all the cat’s need such as foods to keep them healthy, and toys as amusement and keep them exercise daily. For your note, ragdoll cat is not suitable for outdoor environment; for their own good, it is the best to keep them indoor.

Feed your Ragdoll Cat

Feed the cat should be on your number one list. The mature age of ragdoll is about one year, and then they may fill out for another year. So, it is important to offer extra foods for your ragdoll cat during this time. Give them their primarily amount of foods; it is absolutely yours to feed them with dry foods or canned foods, then after they ate all of it, you could pour the extra foods into their container.

For the mature ragdoll, you need to limit the foods to prevent obesity, and it would be better if you discuss the amount of foods with the professional or vet to make sure you give enough energy and nutrition that’s need by the body. Furthermore, ragdoll need a high level of protein, and canned foods are the easiest option to solve this problem; apparently, dry foods are only riches in fillers and grains not protein.

Keep in mind, avoid all type of foods that contained with high level of grains. Make sure you check the foods label before you buy it, look for the “grain-free” brands that you could found. Too many grains could bring a lot of disadvantage for the body.

Basic Nursery of Ragdoll Cat

Now, we would learn the basic nursery should provide for ragdoll cat:

  • Litter Box: your cat need a place for eliminate, so litter box is a must. Make sure that you put the box on accessible spot to make him easier to found it. Use an open box (without any flap), in case he wants to use it anytime. Keep in mind, ragdoll cat is one of the big species of cat; therefore, you should provide a deeper and larger container. In case, you purchase your cat (kitten) from the breeder, ask them the type of litter they used to prevent the confusion for the cat.
  • Exercise Equipment: let me remind you people, your cat need to exercise; and it’s much as important as foods. Your cat need to move his body to maintain his body. A cat that lack of exercise get obesity and once it happened, it’s really hard to turn him back to proportional weight. There’s a lot of toys available on the pet stores to help your pet to exercise, and make sure that you spend at least twenty minutes every day to play with your beloved cat.
  • Frequent Grooming: grooming would become primary need of ragdoll cat, because as you know, this species owned beautiful long hair; so, you should really pay attention on the hair condition. Use slicker brush which able to reach the full-length of cat’s hair, and brush it regularly. Apply this since he was a kitten, to make him familiar with the ritual; if he looks nervous, talk to him gently to comfort him or you could offer him a treat. Once he gets used to it, brush the hair once or twice a week.
  • Vaccination: a lot of people ignored this procedure, and it was a mistake: vaccination is important. When you get your cat from a shelter or breeder, ask for the copy of vaccination records to make sure you could follow the date. Visit the vet to know what type of vaccination your cat needed; one certain vaccination you must take is rabies vaccination.
  • Clean The Teeth: people, do not ever forget to clean your cat’s teeth. Ordinarily, ragdoll cat is an easy-handle type of cat, but still, you need a few days to make him used to this ritual. However, used a piece of gauze or your finger to massage his mouth and gums, once he used to it, you could apply the real toothbrush. For the toothpaste, it was available in pet stores.