3 Best Nutritition Facts That Should Be Contained in Cat Food

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Now, today we are going to talk about cats. Who doesn’t love cats? Their cute and beautiful fur, cute behavior and relatively easy to take care of made cats one of the most popular pets to have in this world. Cats and dogs even becoming one of the most popular debates on choosing which are the best pets to had. Now, what we are going to talk about is cats nutritional needs and 3 Best Nutritition Facts That Should Be Contained in Cat Food, So you could be wiser when choosing the best cat foods for your beloved cats.

Well, cats are relatively easy to take care of, they don’t take a lot of space, they don’t require too much attention from their owner, and there are many people experienced in taking care of pets so you won’t have trouble in searching for help about your cats. One thing that you should know and already aware of it that nutritional needs of cat. Some cat is constantly meow for foods and always hungry even you already have given them foods. Well, other than giving them regular pet foods, you should also keep in check with your cats nutritional needs and try to fulfill them as best as you could. What are cat nutritional needs and how we fulfill them for our cats?

Fulfilling cat nutritional needs and the best nutrition for cats

Cat is carnivorous animal. From their ancestors since ancient times, cats have always been known as carnivorous animal that prey on mostly smaller animal such as mice, rodents, fish, and many more. The reason why cat is domesticated by our ancestors is to help farmer eradicate mouse problems on their granary. During agricultural revolution where men shift to their hunting and gathering habits to settle down and start to plant crops for agriculture, mouse and other rodents becoming trouble for them as they will chew down on granary stockpile. This made our ancestors developed an idea to domesticate wild cats to make them guard their granary from mice and other rodents. Since then, cats have been widely regarded as humans pet and also human’s best friend.

Cat’s diet didn’t change much from their ancient ancestors, and their nutritional needs are also somewhat still same to this day. Cat obtain all of their needed nutrition from meat based diets which consists of little amount of carbohydrate, ample supply of protein, calcium, mineral and then small amount of vitamins. This diet is is actually the most suitable diets for cats, protein and calcium as main and the best nutritional needs, supplement of mineral and multi-vitamins if needed but not too much, and make sure carbohydrate intake is not too much.

  • Protein and Calcium

Protein and calcium intake for cats should be priority. Cats mostly get their protein and calcium intake from their daily meals, and their meals are already protein and calcium rich. The best meals for them have high protein diets and calcium too. Therefore, cat foods like tuna and other fish diet is very good for them as it is very rich in protein and calcium diets. Protein is used as building block of body, to repair broken muscle tissue and it also serves as growth promoter in cats. Calcium is needed to make sure cats will always have strong bone, as cats can be jumpy and playful, so strong bone is needed indeed.

If cats didn’t get enough amounts of protein and calcium, they will mostly malnourished. If they get too much protein and calcium diets however, it isn’t good either so the best way is more balanced diets. Make sure to consul with your vets in order to determine your cats protein and calcium needs. You can actually see it for yourself if your cat needs more protein and calcium by judging from their body condition score. We will explain about this body condition score later on in the article.

  • Mineral and Multi-vitamins

Cats obtain mineral and multi-vitamins from their meat based diets. Minerals and vitamins they get from meat is small however it is enough for them. Vitamins and mineral is good, since there are not disadvantages of over eating them. However, you shouldn’t make your cats eat too much supplement of mineral and multi-vitamins.

  • Carbohydrate

Cats still need carbohydrate in their body, however they don’t need much carbohydrate in their body. If you give your cats too much carbohydrate, they will become obese. There are many other disease and complication for obese cats. Make sure you watch closely on your cat’s daily carbohydrate intake and never make your cat obese.

To help determine your cats nutritional needs and to help us determine 3 Best Nutritition Facts That Should Be Contained in Cat Food, you can always use body condition score for cats or BCS. This BCS is score used by many vets to determine the health and body condition of cats. The score ranging from 1 to 9 with 5 being the best score for your cats and determine the best body proportion. To describe it, 1 is cats that needs more nutrition, have visible ribs, very small belly, with no palpable fats. 9 is cats that have heavy fat cover on their belly, heavy fats deposits on their face, limbs and back, with large fat pad. 5 Is the most balanced score with not much fats, well proportioned and their ribs are covered.