7 Weird-but-Amazing Animals in Mariana Trench

Do you know Mariana Trench? The Mariana Trench is a trench which has crescent shape and is located in the Western Pacific, east of Mariana Islands near Guam. This area is surrounded by an area that is noteworthy for many unique environments.

Interestingly, the Mariana Trench also contains the deepest known points on Earth, vents bubbling up liquid sulfur and carbon dioxide, active mud volcanoes and marine life that are adapted to pressures 1,000 times that at sea level.

This world is full of amazing and incredible animals, such as the smartest animals in the world and the venomous animals in the world. Being the deepest known points on Earth, there are some weird-but amazing animals you can find here.

These animals may not sound familiar to you, but they share some amazing characteristics you need to know. Let’s get to know these 7 weird-but-amazing animals you can find in the Mariana Trench.

  • Dumbo Octopus

We can find one of smartest animals on earth, which is octopus in Mariana Trench. The name is Dumbo octopus. Dumbo octopus is named that way after getting inspired by the Disney character. Dumbo octopus has flappy ears, deep-set eyes and eighty tentacles.

This species of octopus is arguably known as the most eye-soothing sight. Dumbo octopus can be found at least 9,800 meters under the sea in the Mariana trench.

To roam about, this creature flaps its ears to stream through the ocean. Regarding to its size, it is 8 to 12 inches long. This octopus is able to swallow its prey by a single gulp!

  • Comb Jellies

No, it is not the jelly most people enjoy. Instead, comb jellies are gelatinous creatures that are visually captivating. Comb jellies diffract the light falling upon them and as a result, they have luminous body structure. Just like their name, they use their comb-like plates to move around under water.

They are able to please the eyesight, however, they are voracious predators. They even sometimes attack their own kind. Some of them may be as tiny as a few millimeters, ranging up to 5 feet long.

  • Benthocodon

Benthocodon is a species of jellyfish. We all know that most jellyfish are transparent. However, Benthocodon is an opaque creature. This creature has a red-colored cover called the bell that veils the lamination of the creatures Benthocodon eats.

Besides, it also keeps Benthocodon away from the predator’s sight. Benthocodon is equipped with 1,500 tentacles that it uses to cruise through the ocean.

  • Deep Sea Hatchetfish

Deep sea hatchetfish are small creatures, ranging from 2.8 cm to 12 cm that make them easy prey. Despite their small size, the hatchetfish have evolved to form an ingenious camouflaging technique.

Similar to most other deep sea animals, these fish are also bioluminescent. They are able to produce lights from their stomach. By revealing silhouette in the ocean, they can control the light to match with the light in the water, and as a result they will be essentially invisible to their predators.

  • Barreleye Fish

Barreleye fish has transparent head that revels all of its content which are filled with fluid. The membrane also protects the fish from stings when it preys on the jellyfish.

Doesn’t that sound amazing that it is protected from the jellyfish sting? Then, barreleye fish also has flat fins that help it stay completely still and move with absolute precision in the dark seas.

Unfortunately, this fascinating creature has been picked up in fishing nets for most of the time.

  • Seadevil Angler Fish

If you watch Finding Nemo, then you might recognize this fish quickly. It is featured as a scary feature in the film, and it is as terrifying as it is in real! Seadevil angler fish is equipped with sharp teeth, gapping mouth and eyes exploding out of their sockets.

It is also known for its luminous antenna-like muscles that are protruding from its head. The light from the antennae attracts the prey to come closer as an easy catch.

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There’s a really scary fact about this fish. The black seadevil reproduces when the male fuses into the female and living off her resources until it can produce sperm!

  • Frilled Shark

Other sharks may be scary, but frilled shark may be the most chilling creature. The name is attributed to its frilled gills, of which it has 6 or 7, as compared to the usual 5. Frilled shark has a slender snake-like body that makes it looks more like an eel.

The most eerie feature about this shark is it has a set of 300 teeth! Frilled shark is also one of the first deep-sea animals to be discovered in the 19th century despite the fact that it lives at least 5,000 meters below the surface.

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