8 Incredible Animals in the Baltic Sea

Have you ever heard about the Baltic Sea? The area of the Baltic Sea covers about 392,000 kilometers squares of the surface. It is only a tiny part of the Atlantic Ocean’s surface for the right measurement.

The Baltic Sea has a unique geographical state that makes it has riches in living animals in the Baltic Sea.

For over a million years of evolution, nowadays the Baltic Sea contains brackish water that is different from some of the animals found in the Oriental region.

Brackish water is a mixture of marine and freshwater. That makes the temperature of the ocean sea water have a unique salinity with about an average of 7 levels.

The facts make the Baltic Sea becomes a perfect home for so many animals that are different from the geographical area for some animals found in the Palearctic region.

If you are wondering what kind of incredible animals are in the Baltic Sea, here we have some of them on the list below. Let’s check them out!

  • Grey Seal

The Grey seal is one of the popular animals in the Baltic Sea. It has the largest amount of animals living in more than 40,000 individuals.

As the endemic seal in the Baltic Sea, most of them are protected from the extinct. Most of them are categorized as unique facts about arctic animals.

The Grey seal is one of the animals in the Baltic Sea that has a great meal appetite which differs from some of the dangerous animals in Russia.

Most of them are capable to eat more than four up to five kilos of fish in a day row. That makes them easily grow within no time.

  • Baltic Ringed Seal

The Baltic ringed seal is one of the unique animals in the Baltic Sea with its size body and is popular with the most gorgeous winter animal.

This type of seal is popular with the tiniest seals in the Baltic Sea. Most of them can only grow up between 50 to 120 kilograms.

Baltic ringed seals commonly look similar to some of the seals that live around the Saimaa and Ladoga lakes system. Even so, their lives depend on the winter season they are only capable to live around the ice and snow.

Most of the Baltic ringed seals are living around the Bay of the Bothnia with more than 20,000 individuals found. Other than that, some of them are also found in the Stockholm Archipelago, the Gulf of Finland, and the Gulf of Riga.

  • Harbour Porpoise

The Harbour porpoise is one of the most popular animals in the Baltic Sea up until now. It is a kind of toothed whale species that live there for many years ago. It becomes the smallest toothed whale on earth that you can find in the Baltic Sea.

Harbour porpoise species lately become extremely endangered in population. It is reported that there are only about 450 species of them which make them have to be protected.

It is a bit difficult to find the amount of population of harbor porpoises living around the Baltic Sea. That is because this kind of whale commonly moves alone. Even so, you can find them in some of the marine areas of Finland.

  • Baltic Herring

Baltic herring is one of the most popular fish-living animals in the Baltic Sea. This kind of fish become the main commodity fish that is easy to catch for fishing. Even so, the brackish water condition can easily change, which makes the fish has a difficult time growing.

You can find some of the Baltic herring fish in Finland as the country with the biggest stock of their population. Some of them are located in the Gulf of Finland and the Gulf of Bothnia the most favorite place to fish.

  • The Perch

The perch is one of the most iconic fish-living animals in the Baltic Sea. It becomes the nationality fish in Finland since the country has the largest amount of them. This fish also becomes the main fish to catch during the fishing time for stocks.

The perch is kind of a freshwater fish that live around the Baltic Sea. This kind of fish is so unique that they are capable to live under the lower salinity level water of the Baltic Sea, which is mainly cold.

  • The Round Goby

The round goby is one of the animals in the Baltic Sea that is popular with the fish aliens living there. This kind of fish commonly swims under the bottom of the seafloor. It is one of the endemic fish in Finland that can resist the brackish water of the Baltic Sea.

The round goby is commonly active from dawn into the night when they hunt their prey of snails and mollusks. The fish becomes the main commodity for fishing as it has a delicious taste that is similar to the perch.

  • Birds

Birds are one of the animals in the Baltic Sea that live there outside the animals living found underwater. Most of them come during the migration season, which makes the fauna living there becomes so rich.

Some birds that you can find in the Baltic Sea, such as ducks, seagulls, terns, and razorbills. You can also find some birds of prey such as eagles and ospreys. Most of them are living around the archipelago to find some food and rest there.

  • Marine Leaf Beetle

The marine leaf beetle is one of the most endangered animals in the Baltic Sea that should be protected. Most of them live around the conservatory area, which makes their population can be prevented from extinct.

The marine leaf beetle is commonly found around the shores of Uusimaa on the southern coast of Finland. Some of them also can be found in Sweden but come in a little amount of their population.

So, there are some incredible animals in the Baltic Sea that is capable to resist living in the brackish water there. Most of them are endangered so we should protect them.