Let’s Understand the 6 Reasons Why Parrots Pluck their Feathers

Parrots are popular pets in some countries, including America. They are known to have very long lifespan, which is around 30 to 80 years. Most inexperienced owners might have a lot of questions to ask when they start keeping parrots at home.

Most of the time, parrots don’t give much trouble as they are easy to care for. If you love parrots, then you must spend time reading these types of parrots along with their fun facts!

However, there is a problem that is commonly experienced by some parrot owners. It is when the parrots start plucking their feathers. There are several reasons why parrots pluck their feathers and owners need to understand these reasons so that they won’t get misunderstanding or confused on what to do.

Let’s discuss deeper these common reasons why parrots pluck their feathers.

  • Molting

The first reason why parrots pluck their feathers is molting. Just like dogs and cats which shed their fur twice a year, a parrot also sheds its feather. The process when a parrot sheds old and worn-out feathers is called molting. It commonly occurs once to twice a year.

Even in captivity, feathers wear out naturally and replacing these feathers will keep the bird healthy, warm and able to fly. So, if you see a lot of feathers on the cage floor, don’t get panic first.

It might be because of molting. Molting also puts a lot of stress on your bird, so you might see it more aggressive than usual. The molting process usually takes only a few weeks. It is a natural process, so there is nothing you can do.

  • Preening

Preening is a process when your parrots use their beak to clean and straighten each one of their feathers. Most inexperienced owners might see this process as feather plucking. Instead, it is not.

Birds, such as parrots, meticulously align their feathers and can spend plenty of time every day working on it. Fortunately, preening is not harmful for your parrots. It is indeed necessary for your parrots.

  • Improper Diet

A nutritional deficiency can lead to feather plucking. Your parrot might get stressed that it starts plucking its feather and even does self-mutilation. Malnutrition occurs when the parrots only eat seed in their diet.

Sunflower seeds, for instance, have too much fat and not vitamin A. Lack of vitamins also makes molting more difficult and increases stress and grooming. Instead, it destroys the feathers.

If you notice that your parrot’s diet is less than usual, try to mix it up a bit by adding some fruits and vegetables. You can also consider giving a commercial pellet food, which help provide all the vitamins and minerals your parrots need to develop stronger feathers and make molting easier.

Give the best nutrients for your parrots by giving these vegetables for your birds and fruits that are safe for birds.

  • Parasites

Parasites are a serious concern for parrots, both the ones in captivity and in the wild. Mites and lice can find their way into your house and cause trouble to your parrots.

These parasites will make the skin itchy and as a result, your parrot will start pulling out its feather.

If you suspect your parrot has parasites, then take your parrot to the vet soon so that you can get the medication it needs. Spend time reading more information about prevent feather mites in birds.

  • Dirty and Uncomfortable Cage

Birds, such as parrots, are hygienic creatures by nature. Therefore, a dirty and uncomfortable cage will be detrimental to their mental health as well as their physical health.

If you notice that your parrot’s cage, then have it cleaned. Check and clean the cage regularly to prevent any other diseases as well.

  • Boredom

Parrots, just like us humans, need plenty of time to play. When your parrots don’t have enough time, they might try to do some tactics to get your attention.

One of the tactics they use is by pulling your hair or squawking from the other room. If these tactics don’t work, then they will get depressed. As a result, your parrots might start plucking out their feathers.

To avoid boredom, you can spend some time to play with your parrots. They will be happy and satisfied. Understand the other signs of stress in parrots and try preventing them to happen to your parrots.

Still related to birds’ feathers, make sure you also spend time reading these reasons why your bird pets lose their feathers. Losing feathers might be a serious problem for your parrots too.