4 Benefits of Keeping A Male Finch Bird

Between male and female finch bird, we can avoid that male finch bird is more preferable to being as pets than the female. People are has their own criteria to choosing both of them as their necessary but unfortunately this choice made a stigma. It would say as both negative and positive stigmas, very subjective and following our perspective. People usually choose the male because their sound is more than female finch. This made people work so hard to sort them sexually in order to claim their quality. In the fact, no matter male or female finch bird has their own characteristic for their sound.

In the birdsong lovers community, mostly people said that male finch bird has more sounds that female finch can’t do. That’s the fact. It makes male finch bird become superior and become best seller in the trade market.

Are they really superior? Well their sound quality is not only because they are male. Their health, old, and mastering method surely contribute to produce their sound. Back to their natural skill which can imitate sound similarly, it must be supported by well treatment not only physically but also psychology. You have to know how to get along with them, getting used with them, know their symptom to marriage, and many more. We must believe that well treatment and right mastering method will produce high quality male finch bird.

Everything you looking in male and female finch bird honestly depend to your necessary. Which one will you choose? What are you needed? And what are you looking for? If you want to pet a male finch bird for profit thing, surely different way for people who own male finch bird for entertaining or maybe competition. If you looking for finch which able to sounding and not really care about how attractive the sound, you can choose the female one. But if you looking for more attractive and didn’t want to spends a lot of energy to take care with, male can be your choice (because the female needs to pregnant and lay her eggs). Well there are both positive and negative things that you got if you keep between male and female finch. Once again that’s all depend what you need.

As the title, here is some benefits while you keeping a male finch bird:


1. Economic value

We can’t avoid that actually because of the stigma, male finch bird’s value fly high like a rocket to upstairs. Beautiful feathers, nice skills, and good economical profit pick them into bestseller bird in this time. For people who need them as profit comer, it should be nice chance to keeping them in to million in the livestock. You can imagine how their popularity brings up some money for you. You could earn much money while their treatment budget is medium. Beside from trade market, you can get this bird in city’s park and other opened place around you. But still, your knowledge is still needed to mastering this bird even you got it wildly. This is interesting when you almost no need budget raise this bird but till got profit on it. So whose people that didn’t want this bird become their money getter?

2. Practical value

Beside what’s mentioned upstairs, you have to remind that male finch didn’t pregnant. It means that you don’t need to prepare kind like nest or something that they need for pregnancy until lay eggs out. For you who looking for simple bird without any other budgeting treatment, have the male one is suitable for you. Moreover if your purpose is getting profit, this would be increases your income. Even they have economic and practical value it doesn’t mean that they don’t need any budget at all. They still need budgeting somehow if they come to marriage old. You should take the female one to him in order to make him marriage. You can’t leave this part because this is their main necessary as life creature.

3. Beautiful sound

Well people are not worried about their sound anymore. That’s why people pet this bird. Male finch bird has more attractive sound than female because their instinct to make their female interesting during marriage period. As we know that their sound use for communication, mark territory, and also as opposite sex getter. That’s why their instinct makes them to produce more attractive sound. But now the question is, are they just attractive during lust period? The answer is no. Even not during lust period, their sound is as beautiful as usual. As mentioned before that many things that contributes to produce well birdsong like old, healthy, and mastering method. They blessing with beautiful voice since they were born.

4. Easy to care

Their ability that drags them as good survivor also make them become easy to care. If we can analogy it, male finch bird is like computer device. No matter how you program it, they are still useful. Same like male finch bird especially if you got it wildly which he doesn’t touch before. It is really natural and you will find it how they can adaptation perfectly with new environment. They may be so shy at the first time, but when you can make them getting used to you they will obey. You will feel they are easy to care after they can adaptation well.

How you can get along with them? Firstly, you have to pay attention to place their cage. Don’t place it outside your home because the wild bird will trigger them to escape. We have to remind that finch bird is good imitator so it is so easy to following their role model. You can imagine how bad it is when their role model is wild bird. Beside it trigger your male finch bird to escape, it also break their sound. So where is the right point to place their cage? Place them inside your house that usually passed by you and your family. Beside it will help you to control them it also makes them to getting used with you and your family. Also, it makes them to learn something new like people life and learn you as their owner. After you got their attention, it will be easier to take the control like mastering period. That’s all benefits that will you got if you keeping a male finch in your house.

To be honestly there is no far differences if you keep both male and female finch bird. There are always positive and negative thing, depends what your point of view. By the stigma that makes male finch bird become superior it may make you loss to get the male.  But don’t worry about that. If you think that it is so hard to find male finch bird, female can be your choice. Basically male and female finch bird is easy to mastering. By information hopefully decrease the superiority of male finch bird and also make both male and female finch living side to side.