How to Approach a Feral Dog That You Find on The Street


Hello there, fellow dog lovers! How are you and your dog doing? We hope you guys will always be healthy always, every day, and more. Writer will never get tired of saying that dog is indeed the best animal companion for human since the dawn of time. Dog has helped human kept our cattle from the wolf, had protected those poor cavemen from a tyrant, even she had sad story like Hachiko.

Now, what other animals that had such stories like dog? Even though dog have many beautiful stories, some of them might suffered the same fate, like human does. As not every dog has you or a person who is truly a dog lover. Some of them live on the street just the rest of us does and we all know living on the street is harsh even cruel.  Which is why today animallova would like to give you another interesting experiment that you can do in order to prove yourself as a dog lover, interested? Check it out!

Why a Dog Lover Must Try This?

As we already know, not all dog has their own fortune, some live in a castle and some live on the street. As a dog lover and as a reminder, it is mandatory to approach and give your sympathy to these dogs. You could simply try to adopt them or just simply approach them and give them food every time you pass them.

However, sometimes approaching a street dog could not be easy. As most of the street dog could be identified as a feral dog; which means they could bite you in the arm in matter of seconds they feel that you are disturbing them. So, in order to approach this you must do several instructions carefully.

Not only that, remember you need to have passion and an urge to prove yourself as a dog lover. Writer has a friend, she loves to visit this street dog named Angel. She is indeed a true dog lover as every day she always come by and feed Angel regularly every day. She said she would like to bring her home but her house already occupied by many of dogs, so there would be no space for Angel and feeding her is the least she could do.

So, why not try to approach a street dog or two and show them your compassion for dog as a dog lover?


How to Approach Them

Well, approaching a street dog is not an easy task. A home dog might be an easy one if you already know the owner and regularly visit her home, but a street dog? Even though you have passed her street she’s living in for 1 decade, she might still be vigilant and scared of you. For your information, street dog or street animal has almost zero trust for human, could not blame them though as we know there are some of us that are psychopath to them. Alas, we will know that we are going to fix a trust issue between the dog and you the saviour.

The trust issue would be caused because some human just a sick psychopath or some of them were banished by their owner. We have told you before that dog has similar feeling like us, and every time some psycho does something cruel to them; they will suffer in pain and even they will hate human. Which is why you need to be patient if you want to approach them and visit them regularly.

First thing that you can do if you want truly to feed her and care for her is you need to show that you come in peace. You must not spook them, approach them slowly and tell them why you are here; she will see you and probably asses your intention. However, she will sometimes just run away a few steps from you and see you again in order to really see the true intention of yours. When this happens, simply put a food that is edible for her on her sight. After that, go back a few steps away and see that the dog will try to approach the food and eventually eating it. After, feeding time she will look you again in the eyes and flee away. Don’t worry, just do this regularly at least once a day.

After a few days of feeding, she will begin to trust you and every time you want to feed her, she will get excited. Even, she will not be scared by you anymore and will approach you and eat in front of you with full confidence. Congratulations, you have gained her trust. However, if she still looks scared, then just keep repeating this regularly at least once a day. Repeat this until she trusts you fully.

The signs of a street dog that trusts you enough is she will allow you to pet her and she will try to follow you anywhere you go. So, if you see she is feeding exactly 1 meter away from you, you might try to pet her head and see her reaction. If she’s showing that she is comfortable with your petting, then keep going and going everyday regularly at least once a day. Once again, congratulations you have gained her trust!

In the end, it is up to you whether to bring her home or not. We suggest if you want another animal companion, why not bring her home? If you don’t need any then, you could simply visit her everyday at least once a day to give her daily food and petting time. Your kindness is indeed will be paid off by some miracle later on.

Well, that is all fellow dog lovers! Are you interested in approaching a street dog? If you are then leave your thoughts on the comment section and if you already did one tell us about your story, please. Good luck!

*Barks away