What You Should Prepare For Cat Breeding Preparation

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Today, what we are going to talk about is preparation for breeding a cat. From things you need to prepare for cat breeding, what you need to consider, things you need to watch out for, and the cost for breeding a cat. Cat breeding might sounds overwhelming and hard to do, however it is actually simpler and easier than dogs breeding. It might be easier than dogs but don’t think that breeding a cat is easy task. You still need to do lot of things and consider many things. So, What You Should Prepare For Cat Breeding Preparation? If you want to be dedicated cat breeder, then this article is definitely going to help you.

So, where should we start on cat breeding? How we should start it?

Before we begin, If you decided to start breeding on your cat, you need to make sure many things. Make sure your cat is in the best shape, healthy enough, have up to date vaccinations, ready for worming, and you also need to plan ahead for the date and time of breeding so you can have comfortable reproductive cycle for your cat. After that, you need to follow on three steps of mating, from preparation phase, mating phase, pregnancies and then kitten phase. We will talk about what you need to expect in each phase, and what you should prepare for each phase.

  • Preparation phase

To prepare your cat to be ready for breeding, there are many things you need to get for preparation phase. First of all, you need to make sure your cat is vaccinated before trying to breed it. Breeding your cat is risky as your cat could contract much dangerous and contagious disease from mating with other cat. It is dangerous to leave your cat unvaccinated as it could easily contract any disease. If your cat contracted any diseases from mating, then you need to contact on your vets right away.

After making sure your cat is vaccinated, then the next phase is making sure your cat have comfortable reproductive cycle. If the time isn’t right, you need to delay their mating phase. If you want to delay their mating phase, make sure to make your female cat avoid contact with any male cat. Avoiding any unwanted pregnancies for cat is good plan to have their comfortable mating phase and reproductive cycle.

  • Mating phase

If your cat is ready for breeding, or mating phase, the sign is usually your cat will be on heat. What is the meaning of cat on heat? Female cat on heat is cat that is ready to mate, and will release a scent and hormone to sign any near male cat to mate with her. If female is in heat, she will mate with any male cat that approach her and they will mate to breed. Female cat on heat can be 5-6 days, so during that time, female cat will mostly mate with any male cats that approach her, making their offspring will come from many different tomcats. If you want their offspring to be selected breeds, you need to make sure you choose its mate carefully and make sure to make female cat avoid any other tomcats. Try not to disturb mating cat, and let them mate in peace.

  • Pregnancies

If their mating phases success, then there will be pregnancies step. What you need to prepare in this phase is definitely nutritious foods to support your pregnant momma cat. Pregnant cat will have higher energy intake everyday and therefore they will need more meals every day. During the first 4 weeks, you can feed her as you feed her regularly without any additions in their meals. Once she is 5 weeks or older, she will ask for more foods each day. Make sure to add more meals as their bellies grow bigger and bigger, at least give them 10% more meals than usual for each passing weeks. You also need to prepare supplement and vitamins for your cat to keep your momma cat in top health as usual. If the due day is getting near, you need to prepare comfortable place for momma cat to do its labor. Momma cat can do its labor by itself, but you can also help by providing warm water for her, and make sure their kitten is delivered safely.

  • Kitten phase

Once the kitten is delivered, as competent breeder you also need to prepare everything for newborn cats from warm milk, warm blanket for them to sleep, warm foods, and preparing any medicine that might needed. Kitten should always be close with its mother and never be separated. If you are looking for guide to raise kitten from babies step, you can always look for our tips and guidance here in our humble website.

Breeding a cat is simpler than breeding a dog, but it doesn’t mean that is very easy things to do. There are many things you will need to prepare and many things that you need to do. It is hard work to be dedicated breeder, but the cuteness of kitten is what makes this hard work paid off. That’s it on our guide about  What You Should Prepare For Cat Breeding Preparation. If you have more comment, opinion and suggestion, make sure to leave it on our comment section here.