3 Best Type of Cat Litter for Kittens

Toilet training should be train to cat since he was kitten. As newborn creature, it is matter for you to introduce how to use cat litter as its toilet. But not every cat litter can use for kitten. Here are 3 best type of cat litter for kittens.

Cat litter is sand that absorbs the liquid of pee and reduced the smell both of pee and poop from kitten. It is also solidifying the poop to make it easy when you scoop it and throw it out. There are many types of cat litter but here are best types of cat litter for kittens.

  • Natural sand

This natural sand can found around you. It is like beach sand or volcano sand which is usually used for built the building that already sifted before. It is very suitable with natural life of kittens. Even the absorbing ability is low, but this type is really safe for kitten which is still learning to do toilet. Besides, their poop and pee is still light and easy to reduce, not like the poop and pee of cat which is bigger and more smelled. This type is also can’t be reuse so you have to replace it.

  • Zeolite

Zeolite is natural sand which is really popular as litter. There are some types of zeolite based on the size like smooth, medium, and hard. It is also safe for your kittens because this sand is non-toxic and not dusty so when your kitten is poop or pee in this sand, the smell or particle won’t absorb by your kittens. Fortunately the price is low and easy to find in all pet shop. Same as natural sand, zeolite is not effective enough to solidifying the poop. And of course can’t reuse.

  • Organic sand

This sand made of natural recycle ingredients like corn, grain, paper, and sawdust. The shape is like pallet or capsule and will expand when it wet. Because it made of organic ingredients, this sand is really safe for your kitten which is the opportunity on respiration system trouble is decrease. Because the shape is like capsule, it don’t make any dusty and once again it really safe for your kittens especially whom like to hoard the dirt. The price is low. But unfortunately it can’t reuse and hard to find in pet shop. You also can make it by yourself.


How I should to know before choose or manage cat litter?

  • Know the absorbing ability

The absorbing ability of cat litter is the important thing that should you know before choose it moreover if you are beginners. The smell of cat pee and poop is really disturbed. Not only for cat, dirt of kittens also strong when you let it out for days. Nowadays many cat litters which helps you to reduce the smell. But how about the absorb ability? Is it can absorb it quickly? And is it safe enough for your kittens? You better looking information about it before you choose. Besides it, you better look for cat litter which doesn’t need to replace it too much time. Especially for you who don’t need free time to replace your cat litter for many times, you need to keep your eye on this point.

  • Easy for use

The cat litter which is not solidifying cat litter is really hard to use. This is not efficient way will takes your time to clean up it. For this issue, you really need for high absorbing cat litter which is quick process to solid the dirt. Even as mentioned before that the dirt of kittens is not as strong as cat, but you need to keep the clean point in this case. If you already buy the low process cat litter, you don’t need to worry because it can be fixed. Wait for a minute after your kittens poop. It will give the cat litter time to absorb the poop meanwhile the process is little bit long time. After it solidifying perfectly, you can lift the poop and throw it. If you lift it too fast, the poop will not solid. If you already done as mentioned before but the poop not getting solid after you wait it, it proves that your cat litter is bad quality. Beside it, you need to look for litter cat which is easy to clean up when the product is reuse thing.

  • Choose the economical one for daily use

Price and cost performance is important thing to considering. Choose the low cost cat litter with high quality is the main key. For daily using, it will take your money a lot when you chose the pricey one. The high absorbing litter cat will ruin your outcome. You can control the number that you give for your kittens if you already buy the pricey one. It doesn’t mean you can’t use the low price one. You have to still selective when you use the low price cat litter. You also settle it with your cat. There are some litters which is not using by kitten. For example, it is not nice choice when you use bentonite as kitten litter. This litter is really danger for cat, and how about for kitten? The endanger opportunity will increase, right? Beside it, you have to settle the litter with your pet condition moreover if your kittens are in recovery process. You better place the special space for them.

  • Don’t choose the smell one

The smell litter means it contained some fragrances inside it. Some kittens are sensitive with this smell and do the toilet in other space. Some smells can irritate nose or kittern’s eyes. It is danger for kitten so you better choose the general litter for your kittens.

  • Choose the scoopable litter

It is make you easier to clean it up. Besides, it is not take more your times to carry them.

How I do toilet training for my kittens?

  • Place the big litter box

Use small litter box is not recommended for your kittens. As we know that kittens are really quick growth which is makes not long time when you introduce it to your kittens, it is not use anymore. When you change the litter box, automatically you have to introduce it again. It is really wasting time, actually. Place the litter box to the comfy zone which is rarely way by your housemates. It will scary them. You better place it in area which is your kittens mostly to visit.

  • Choose closes litter box

Some litter box has cover to keep the smell inside of box. This alternative is really useful for you who live in small house and for you who had kittens that like to hoard the dirt. The litter is safe inside the box. Make sure that closes box has big size because the kittens need space to round nicely inside the box.

  • Place your kittens inside litter box

Some kittens need to be driving to the litter box. They seem like don’t know it but they need to out the dirt. Some force action need to practices to your kitten to introduce their toilet.

  • Give them reward

After poop and pee is a habitual for your kittens, reward them with snack or pieces of fish or meat. It is as little gift of you to them who already pass the training.