3 Best Natural Supplements for Your Lovely Cat


Are you a cat lover?. Let us guess that you love cat because simply, cat is incredibly cute and adorable right?. Her meows, her face, her attitude, ummmmmm all of that would make us love cat even more. No wonder cat is the most adorable animals in the whole word. Writers himself has a cat that always accompany him everyday and entertain him whenever he needs to. What an adorable animal. Thank God for creating such adorable animal.

However if you indeed love your cat so much then you must take care of her intensively with care, love, and passion. You must able to make her happy and healthy. One of our writers has a story to tell you about his cat. His cat named Memeng a domestic cat that was born from a feral cat he was adopted. Memeng is a yellow domestic cat who is uniquely still looks like a kitten even though he is around 1 years old right now. He wonders why his cat does not grow big as another 1 years old cat around his neighbohood. Is it because her mother is a small cat?. The answer is yes, the genetical factors contribute significantly towards Memeng’s growth. No wonder he still looks like a kitten.

Having an eternal youth cat is surely adorable as they will always looks like a kitten but remember there’s always a consequences. Memeng oftenly get caught in the fight and because of her small body she oftenly lost the fight and runs away from the fight thus hiding in her owner’s feet. Therefore, if Memeng has a proportional body maybe she will able to win the fight surely. In order to make sure your cat grow proportionally you need not only feed her but also must give her a proper supplements for her growth. Which is why on this article, animallova would like to give you the best natural supplements for your lovely cat.

What is Supplement?

Suplement is a food enhancer which enhance your cat foods nutrition and make the best of it. For example, you give your cat a vitamin D suplement which will enhance cat’s bone growth faster than without giving them any suplement. In other words, you can say that this suplement is a medicine to help your cat to fulfill theri nutritions, vitamins, and allow them to grow properly and healthy.

Why Natural Supplements?

Natural supplements might be a little difficult to buy and to let your cat eat them compared to chemical suplements. However, nature always provide what’s best for us humans. Natural supplements allow your cat’s digestive system to work naturally as the suplements would be easier to digest and left no side effects towards it’s consumption.

Not only that, natural suplements is considered cheaper and easier to find as you just simply could walk a little bit to nearby market and buy it yourself. Even if you have jack in trade, maybe you will get the best price for the supplements.

Also, there are many of cat suplement which was made with 100 % natural ingredients which makes it has the best vitamins and nutritions avalaible. However you need to buy a high quality suplements if you want to avoid any chemical ingredients in it. You could buy the suplement on nearby pet store.

Overall,  we recommend you to give your cat natural supplements instead of chemical suplements. But if you wanted to give your cat a ready-to-give suplements then buy a high quality supplements to make sure your cat has the best nutritions and vitamins for her.

Could I not Give Any Suplements to our Cat?

Yes you can, it’s not something mandatory. But if you have such a case like Memeng, or your cat has fall ill or simply you just want to love and protect your cat then it is a perfect time to give your cat some suplements.

What Can of Supplements that I could Give to My Cat?

  • General Vitamins

If you give your cat natural food more often such as raw fish or a boiled fish then you may only give them proteion without enough vitamins. You could add high quality cat food such as whiskas towards their main food and mix them up, as whiskas already contained all vitamins that cat needs. This is considered easier to feed them with and more natural as high quality cat food was made as natural as possible.

  • Essentialy Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 fatty acids are the nutritions required to make sure your cat has a shiny fur and prevent it from shedding. Especially if you have a special breed cat race such as persians, as a special breed would have a little bit resistant towards fur shedding. Not only that, omega-3 and omega-6 would help your cat to have a healthy heart and would help them to fight cholesterol. You could buy a proper omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids on nearby pet store or simply just ru a proper portion of butter towards cat’s food.

  • Probiotics

You know Memeng has a diarrhea once and it was a freakin’ disaster all over the place as the feces is just easily drops from her rectum every time she walks. You could imagine that the owner need to clean every feces traces all over his house. What an awful disaster. The diarrhea was caused by the cat’s digestive system was infected by bacteria or a virus that make the digestive system is not working properly. This would not only make cat’s owner frustrated but cat would also face a painful death as the diarrhea make the cat lost so much liquid for her body. The diarrhea in Memeng was caused because not only she eats carelessly but also because her digestive system does not have enough protection to protect her from such disease.

To prevent your cat has such disease you might want to protect her by giving her a probiotics, a suplement that enhance protection on cat’s digestive system. Probiotics contains microorganism such as lactobacillus acidophilus or lactobacillus casei. These microorganism would help cat’s digestive system to defeat every bad bacteria on it. Usually probiotics is in form of cat milk .You could simply buy probiotics from nearby pet store.

Not much of effort to enhance and protect your cat health are they not?. You just need to look those 3 suplements to make sure your cat is well protected from diseases and could fullfil their nutritions and vitamins needs everyday. Good luck!.

*meow away