How to Give First Aid to Cat


As a fellow cat lover it is important for us to understand completely anything about taking care of a cat. How to feed them, how to bathe them, how to clean up their litter box, how to play with them, and the most important how to keep them safe from harm. As harm always haunted your cat anywhere and any time. If you are not careful, your cat might suffer a great pain and even will die in agony. Of course you don’t want that to happen right?.

One of writer’s friend has a cat, a Persian cat. She loves the cat very much and willing to do anything for the cat. One day she found that her cat suffered in some unbearable disease such as fever. A very hot fever, causing stress and lethargic to the cat. Because she does not know what to do or reluctant to go to the vet. The cat died, died in agony, died because the owner does knot know about taking care of sick cat. However, she found out what caused the fever, it was a further infection that was caused by a wound, a scrapes wound that was hidden in the thickness of the fur.

If she knew what happened to the cat, if she knew there was a wound in her cat, if she given the cat a first aid help, none of that would happened. Thus it’s already happened and no fortune could revert it back. But for you, you still have the chance to save your cat for such inevittable tragedy. Which is why on this article animallova would like to give you a simple easy tips on how to give your cat a first aid to your wounded cat.

Remember, this is first aid. An aid that served as an effort to prevent further infections. Which means, after you gave your cat a first aid, you must immediately bring your cat to a vet to get a proper professional treatment. Your first aid just simply increased the chance of survival for your cat.

  • Identifying The Wound

Overall, there are only three kind of wound that need an immediate first aid. A bite, a broken bones, and bleeding wound. These type of wounds would have a greater chance of horrifying infection if not given a proper first aid. So read carefully.

  • A Bite Wound

Cat, domestic or special breed or whatever, has an instinct to fight over their territory. Your cat has marked that your home is their territorial area. She is in power over the territory and you are her humble servant hehehehe. Of course, she does not like any intruder to come and invade the area. She will become aggressive if she find any suspicious cat on sight. She will growl and put her fighting stance to fight the intruder.

After the fight ends, regardless your cat win the fight or not. Your cat might suffered a wound from the fight especially a bite wound. This bite wound is dangerous as the intruder teeth may contain any hazardous bacteria that could cause a further horrifying infection to your cat. The chance increased especially if the bite caused bleeding.

  • A Bleeding Wound

Cat love to play and wander around to interesting place (for cat) such as conblock, a box, a tight space, or anything that we can’t understand why they even go there in the first place?. This wandering habit increased the chance of your cat to get a bleeding wound.

A bleeding wound usually caused by that something is stabbing your cat such as nail or even a knife. Usually a nail if you don’t overlook where’s your cat playing ground.  Not only that, bleeding wound might be caused by a bite of other animals.

  • A Broken Bones

Don’t worry about your cat get a broken bone because she falls from something. As you might already know that cat has some kind of survival contingency plan that will always save her from any falls. No wonder cat could fall from such height and not suffered any broken bones.

But the problem might be, especially when you let your cat to leave the house, is someone hit and run over your cat. This if not given a proper first aid will surely increase the chance of her death. This will caused her bones to break and not only that, it might also inflict other wounds such as bleeding wound and respiral problem.

  • A First Aid

Remember, giving first aid is not the same as treating their wound until it’s healed, but it’s just an effort to prevent further infections which is why you still need to bring your cat to a vet and if you are beginner in cat we do not recommend a home remedies for your cat.

First thing you must know that make sure you have a first aid kit in your house as most of the key to give them first aid is stop their bleeding and clean up the wound. So you must have at least a cotton and antiseptic.

Then you need to inspect your cat body, if the wound is hidden and has a small drop of bleeding then make sure that you inspect her body carefully. After you find out her wounds tried to clean up the wound with clean water first. Your cat might moan painfully but it is okay. Then clean up with antiseptic. Put a few drops of antiseptic to the wound.

If she got any bleeding than you need to put a pressure on it so the bleeding would stop. Don’t let her runs out of blood. Keep the pressure on. Put your hand to the bleeding source and put a pressure on that. But don’t forget to relieve your pressure for a brief moment to keep the blood flow stabile.

If she being run over by a car, then you must carefully moved her. First look if there are any dislocated bones in her body. If you find it, dont touch it, just simply grab her from other part of her body. Just grab her without touching her broken area. Then if you find any bleeding wounds, find the source of the bleeding and put a pressure on it and don’t forget to clean up the wound and give antiseptic on it.

Lastly, bring your cat to a vet as soon as possible. You don’t want your cat to suffers right? You want her to be okay and can accompany you everyday right?. Then bring her a to a vet as soon as possible and pray good luck on her. Good Luck!.

*Meow away