4 Dangerous Marine Animals in Australia

Australia is home and has always been known for its wildlife. People from all around the globe travel to this country just to have a look around at what this place could offer.

Most of the animals to be found in this country are deadly animals. Not just animals, but specifically marine animals. There are lots of marine animals ranging from Antarctica marine animals up to Asian marine animals.

Ranging from marine animals to reptiles and even birds. But today, we will be discussing a particular type of animals which are marine animals. Some of the animals today can even be categorized as beautiful animals to see in Australia.

Dangerous marine animals in Australia can be deadly but also harmless at the same time. Surely most of you would love to taste a beautiful looking seafood.

These animals listed below would not be those animals that you want. So make sure that you stay away from these creatures the next time that you see these animals.

The animals that you find in Australia are mostly colorful. But on the contrary, colorful animals also means that they are deadly as well as harmful.

It is very dangerous to go near these animals as they can pose a huge threat to your life. One sting of poison and you could be rushed to the emergency room. Here are our today’s list of the most dangerous animals in Australia.

  • Lionfish

The lionfish comes from the tropical waters of the Indian and Pacific Oceans. This beautiful fish is known for its deadly sharp edges around its body.

It is also called by several names, including turkey fish, dragon fish, scorpion fish, ornate butterfly-cod, firefish, red lionfish, and zebrafish. Up to this date, it is known that the lionfish lives up to 16 years. This is considered a long time for an average-sized fish.

Lionfish is one of the reef fishes of Australia with striking colors. This fish has a striped body color pattern with white and red in general, although there are also fish with brownish and blackish stripes.

This fish also has unique fins, swimming fins, and elongated dorsal fins and has a black color with a transparent back, while the tail fin is transparent with black spots.

But who knows that given the beauty of its complexion and its uniqueness, it turns out that this fish has poisonous spines on its dorsal fin, so that its striking body color is actually a warning so that no one gets too close to this fish.

The fins act as a self-defense mechanism and will always be ready to strike. Whether you touch it on purpose or not, it will surely make your blood or any predator’s blood clot. That is why no wonder this fish can live up to years.

  • Blue Ringed Octopus

A blue ringed octopus is a small sized octopus. Compared to other species of octopuses, it does not even have any sharp teeth or be able to move at a fast speed. Instead, it relies on the weapon it possesses inside its body. A blue ringed octopus is capable of producing neurotoxins.

These neurotoxins are able to stun their enemies or any predator that comes nearby. And the effect of this neurotoxin is paralysis as well as death. This particular animal has been gaining so much popularity after it killed people along the coast of Australia’s most famous beaches.

To be quite frank, octopuses has always been seen as a harmless animal. But it turns out that most octopuses have their own self-defense mechanism. For example, you know that these animals are capable of shooting out a dark-colored ink.

This is basically the same thing but it is 1000 times much worst than the cyanide poison. The amount of this toxin it release does not even have to be consumed. Touch it once and all of your nervous system will start to slow down and eventually shut down. One contact can kill up to 26 people at a time.

  • Sea Snake (Belcher)

Not only on land, but deadly snakes can also be found in the sea. It is one of the snakes to discover in Australia. Belcher (Hydrophis belcheri) is possibly one of the deadliest sea snakes on planet Earth and certainly on Australia.

From a number of studies it was revealed that the belcher could be 100 times more deadly than the venomous animals on land. And, can kill humans in a matter of minutes.

Once bitten, this snake venom will cause excruciating stomach pain, extreme vomiting, migraines, dizziness, diarrhea, seizures, paralysis, and even death.

This snake is actually not an aggressive type of snake, and rarely even bites humans. Moreover, the jaws and fangs of the belcher are relatively small making it difficult to do so.

Even so, this snake can still bite but on parts of the human body that are as small as fingers. Amazingly, this sea snake was able to control its venom, releasing as much as a quarter poison on one of its bite.

  • Sting Rays

Sting ray is an animal that loves to sting when defending themselves. This cartilaginous fish has a sharp sting that is in the middle of the tail or near the base of the tail. Inside are poison glands at the base of the spine and membranes covering all of the outer part of this fish.

When one is stepped on, the stingray will raise its long tail and immediately sting whatever is in front of it. When the sting gets into the human body, it will tear the tissue and the sharp, jagged edges of the tail will leave a wound.

Stingray venom is not always fatal, but it is very painful. So be careful when you come across these dangerous marine animals in Australia. Also read 5 Dangerous Animals in Indonesia.