Can Iguana get Along with Cat? In case You want a New Pet

Having a pet animal is one of many people interest; especially for those whose love animals. Now days, the options of pet animals is quite a lot than in the old days. People would judge you for your choices of pet, especially for you who interested for exotic animals. But, who cares now? As long as you have responsibility of what you’ve decided, keeping your pet animal and people around them safe; do whatever you want! Well, as long as you’re not keeping anaconda or crocodile in your backyard, I think your neighbor would easy on it.

However, one of the reptile species that now become a common species to be pet is iguana. Who would not like this intrigue species? The presence of iguana itself always trigger questions: is iguana a descendant of the dinosaurs? Do iguana able to hibernate? Is it true that iguana doesn’t drink water? Speculations keep arise judging by their appearances and various behaviors. Most of the iguanas are the tropical animals, they used to warm and hot temperatures. So, it would not surprise to see the majority of distribution was manipulated around “hot places” such as Florida and Australia.

Yes, become a host of number of exotic animals, it’s not surprising at all to see iguana is included on the animal’s lists. The horrendous news came around July 2018 in Florida: iguanas invasion reportedly happened and infiltrate people’s houses and apartments. I strongly believed, this event would shock everyone especially the ones who not a really big fan of this reptile (included me). Could you imagine, walking out into your terrace and found one or even more, three iguanas sit comfortably in your chair or floor?

I am sorry, but for me it’s a very NOPE NOPE imagination of event I would ever encounter. However, it would be amazing thing to witness for you who love iguana. So, one problem you should carefully have thought about it is if you bring home an iguana, would it be safe for another pet to be around? Is my iguana or my cat would be comfortable on each other presence? Can iguana get along with cat? However, let’s discuss it right now, my beloved friends!

Relationship of Iguana and Other Member of Pet

Most of the iguana is well house with another iguana, and iguana also represent a good relationship when being housed with other species of animals in the proper and approximately around the same size arboreal lizards which is used to live in the similar environment just like iguanas. However, do not be tempted to housed chameleons, tortoises, turtle, anoles, snakes, bearded dragon, Uromastyx lizards, amphibians and savanna monitors; these was the names that should be not in the same habitat with your iguana.

Of course there are reasons behind all these things. If you force this kind of animals housed together along with the iguana, it might cause the risk of incompatible environmental, illness and injury of fight, and most undeniable system of nature: the food chain. Remember, reptilians are not domesticated animals like most of normal mammalian pets; they were ruled by nature, they followed their “wild instinct”. Although, some reptiles are safe – even more, a herbivorous species – there’s still untamed habitual you can’t control. They might be a prey or a predator.

Iguana and Cat

One basic rule, iguanas commonly didn’t like another species which are bigger than them; it’s become pure horrifying thing for them, although they don’t have no canine predators in the wildlife. Something very understandable. It was part of defensive system build from the inside to survive in the wild nature – the “warning” of dangerous event that might come. If you, anyways owned another pet which bigger than your iguana, the best advice is to put them in separate room.

Disallowed them to close with each other, especially if your animal are carnivorous. The tinier the iguana the more protection you must provide to the iguana. Although your other pet wouldn’t eat the iguana, there’s a chance that iguana would become their “new toys” to play with, most specifically cat. We all know how much cat love to play, once they play they cannot be stop like dog. At least dogs would listen to you when you order them to stop, but cat? Oh, don’t ask me pals, this animal was one of the most care-less pet you could ever know.

Perhaps, the only thing that written in cat’s dictionary is “I would do whatever I want”. Well, you know what I mean. Moreover, one thing that impact on the relationship between iguana and pet is the size of iguana. Somehow, larger species of iguana might get along with your cat, despite the fact that wild felines could be other inhabitant of iguana’s habitat in the wildlife. After your iguana reach his maximum size, you could teach your cat to be respectful to the iguana.

Your cat wouldn’t use the iguana “easily” as a toy anymore. Well, even though cat is hard to order, I think a thwack of iguana’s tail in the body or face is enough reason for your cat to not disturb him again. But, however, who knows? We all understand, somehow cats could be very insane and fearless even their opponent is much bigger than them, like dogs. In this case the best advice came from senior veterinarian named Lauren Baker.

Someone asked her that she has a pet cat that used to wonder around inside her house. She was asked do her cat would bother the iguana which is placed inside her room. Lauren answered that yes, the cat might would bother your iguana. Especially if your iguana is small, the cat could be a positive threat for iguana. But, as the iguana growth, the iguana would not become the victim again, he could become the threat for your cat. Yes, in short, the table could be turn. So, Lauren advice her to kept separate those two pets all the times.

So, what do you think my friend? Can iguana get along with cat? Uhmm, the answer is they might be get along, but however, it is the best decision to be in present whenever the two of them is in the same room. At least you could prevent those animals to hurt one another.