Causes of Alopecia in Hamsters

Hamster’s cuteness apparently couldn’t stop some problems come upon them, especially some health issues. Unfortunately, wide range of diseases are shadowing this little adorable creatures, from infection on hamsters such as pink eye and lumpy jaw which caused by serious infection on some of hamster’s body parts. Most of the infection occurred in hamsters could be solves with the use of antibiotic that would kill the bacteria inside hamster’s body. Unfortunate, there are lists of dangerous and fatal disease that you won’t ever dream happened to your hamsters.

Let’s say the tyzzer’s disease and one of the most malignant illness on earth: cancer and tumor. Yes, do not ever think that hamsters are invisible to these types of diseases. Therefore, do not ever mistaken that hamsters are easy maintenance pet even for the beginners – that is totally false, people. Hamsters needs detail and frequent cares, for the examples, you need to ready any time to clean and empty the food and water containers whenever it’s dirty, and refill with the new ones. This duty must be your daily routine.

If you’re lazy people, I don’t think hamsters suitable enough for you, because cleanliness is number one rule of hamster’ ownership. Yes, it’s difficult and commitments should be your main fuel. Furthermore, due many diseases potentially strike hamsters, we – as the owners – at least should have insight about some of those diseases that prey for our pets.

One of the illness was called alopecia. Did you ever hear about it? If you don’t, then this is a perfect moment for you, my beloved friends, to learn more about this specific problem. Without further do, here are causes of alopecia in hamsters!

Alopecia Areata

I bet most of you never heard about this problem before. Therefore, what is alopecia and what causes of alopecia in hamsters? First of all, you need to understand what is alopecia. So, alopecia areata is a medical term of spot boldness or – yes, the hair loss. Alopecia areata was formed as the hair loss at some or particular places on body and worse, it could be hair loss from all the body. Often times, alopecia caused a few bald spots which is approximate size is about a coin on the scalp.

Alopecia areata is not only occurred in human but also in animals. Not only because physical problem, turns out alopecia was also associated with psychological stress. The worst news about this issue is it could be leads to permanent loss or in short, the victims could be bald forever. So, what is the cause of alopecia areata? It is believed that this problem was classified as autoimmune disease which leads to hair follicles’ immune privilege is breach. If this happened to people, I’m sorry to say this but there’s no cure for this condition.

But, there are some efforts worth to try to help alopecia patient such as arrange the time of regrowth – make it faster than normal with the help of cortisone injection. However, what is truly happened to animal? Why this problem occur in our pet hamsters?

Common Causes of Hair loss in Hamsters

In hamster, alopecia was very noticeable and a lot of time the disease was happened in formed of symmetrical hair loss. You would also find patches with a little hair or even no hair at all grown within it. The most common body part that effected by it is the face and the tail – although it could affect other part of hamster’ body. But, you might should know about some of the reason behind the hair loss that happened in your hamsters.

There are several causes of hair loss in your hamsters; therefore, your sensitivity of recognizing the disease is needed, folks:

  • Nutritional Deficiency

The diet habit was one of the common reasons of hair loss in hamsters. Most of the times, hamster’ hair loss was occurred due the lack of Vitamin B in hamster’ diet. Lack of protein also trigger other hair issues to hamsters; therefore, a proper health fresh food was always needed by your pet hamsters. However, if the hair loss was happened associated with nutritional deficiency, the vet would give prescription of some supplements to recover the deficiency that occurred in hamsters.

  • Parasites

It’s no surprise anymore that parasites was effected hamster’ hair which at a certain point leads to hamster’ hair loss. So, what kind of parasites that could cause this misery? Well, it could be ticks, ringworm, mites, fleas, and others. One of the symptoms of hair loss due the parasites was excessive itchy on hamsters. Your hamsters would constantly scratch his body in a certain area or his whole body.

  • Friction

Friction is another common causes of hair loss. This occurred because your hamsters – apparently, love to rub his body through his cage or toys. Yes, excessive rub that hamster done would absolutely effect in his hair. If it happened regularly, it leads to the hair loss.

  • Another Causes of Alopecia Areata

Although these are uncommon, alopecia areata sometime happened resulted from medical problems such as lymphoma cancer and kidney inflammation problems. Furthermore, if your hamster was in imbalance hormonal, it could also impact his hair condition – no exception the hair loss. Also, another reason that should be considered is the age. As the hamster get older, it is quite normal if he would face a hair loss problem.

Diagnosing the Hair Loss

The veterinarian would observe the pattern and severity of hamster’ hair loss for a proper diagnose and treatment. Sometimes, the vet would also suggest running some tests such as skin scraping examination and blood test to observe some others potential culprits behind hamster’ hair loss.

Alopecia Areata Treatment

The treatment prescript by the vet commonly is antibiotics therapy and topical shampoos. But, you need to understand, the treatment that given is absolutely depended on hair loss underlying causes. As I mentioned previously, if the problem was caused by nutritional deficiency, most of the time the vet would prescript vitamin and mineral supplement to rebalance the nutritional deficiency.