How to Get Rid of Fleas on Rabbits?

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Now for today, we are going to discuss about rabbit. Rabbit is one of the most popular pet out there in the world, and they are also considered as easier pet rather than bigger pet such as cats or dogs. Rabbit tend to be smaller than dog or cats, so some people think that taking care of rabbit will be much easier. Although it is correct that taking care of rabbit is not as hard as cats or dogs, however you should not underestimate on how you should take care of rabbit. There are many things you should know about rabbit, from how to take care of rabbit properly, how you should feed your rabbit and how you should treat your rabbit when they are sick. Rabbit might smaller and easier to take care of than dogs or cats however you still shouldn’t treat them lightly. If you abandon and treat your rabbit carelessly you are bad person and now worth it of your rabbit.

One of the slight problem rabbit have and every rabbit owner should address and will face eventually is fleas. Just like many other furry animals, rabbit will face the problem of fleas, mites and sometimes even lice infestation. Fleas are the most persistence pest that every furry animals have since ancient times. History show that human and their furry animals like cats, dogs and livestock have been troubled with fleas since a thousand years ago, since stone age and even when our ancestor still covered in fur. Fleas are annoying infestation that feed on the blood and dead skin cell of furry animals. They can be quite annoying to get rid of, and fleas infestation is not healthy and really itchy for your animals. Rabbits just like cats or dogs and human could have fleas on their fur, and believe us that it is not comfortable for your rabbit to have fleas infestation. Fleas can be annoying to get rid of, but there are ways to counter this annoying pest. Confused on How to Get Rid of Fleas on Rabbits? Right now we are going to show you the way to easily get rid of this pest once and for all for your rabbit.

Best way to get rid of fleas once and for all!

 There are many ways to get rid of fleas infestation on your rabbit fur. However, you should know that some methods are safe but some aren’t. Some method have a risk that could harm your rabbit, from causing hair loss, hurting your rabbit and even death for your rabbit caused by shock and poisoning. Bellow here, we are going to show you the best and the safest way to get rid of fleas infestation in your rabbit.

  • Flea comb

The safe way and easy way to take care of fleas on your rabbit is by using flea comb. You can find flea comb in pet shop near your home that provides pet shop supply. You can use flea comb that is usually used for dogs or cats, however you should also make sure that the flea comb won’t hurt your rabbit skin. Make sure the flea teeth isn’t pointy so it won’t scratch your rabbit skin. Flea comb is effective way to take care of fleas infestation, however it is only effective when fleas are only a few. If there are lot of fleas on your rabbit, then flea comb won’t take care of your rabbit fleas problem. Flea comb is cheap but it should not be the treatment for severe fleas infestation. However you should always provide your rabbit with flea comb to regularly brush their fur and comb it so there won’t be any fleas in the first place.

  • Rabbit flea shampoo solution

One thing you should note about rabbit is, that they have very sensitive skin and fur. If you try any medication and shampoo to get rid of your rabbit carelessly, it might harm them or worse it could be fatal for your rabbit. If you think that flea comb is not working, and flea infestation is getting worse and worse every day, then it is time to get flea shampoo or solution. There are many safe products for flea shampoo for rabbit such as advantage or stronghold shampoo for rabbit in Europe. However, you should always contact your vet first to confirm whether you need flea shampoo for your rabbit or not in the first place. Your vets also will recommend the product and solution that could take care of flea infestation on your rabbit. Your vet will also inform you on how to use it, and the safe dosage for flea shampoo. Always keep a vet contact close, even it is only for fleas problem.

  • Shaving your rabbit

If you have tried many methods and it is not working as fleas just keep breeding and breeding and it is getting annoying for your rabbit, then you can try to shave your rabbit. Take a note that shaving your rabbit is the last way and should be the last solution when everything else fail. Your rabbit won’t appreciate much if you shave their fur and it can get cold for them. However this is the best method to make sure that flea infestation is gone once and for all.

Now, that’s some method on How to Get Rid of Fleas on Rabbits? If you think that there are more on how to take care of fleas problems for rabbit, then share your though in our article here.