6 Tips to start breed chicken easily

Here we are again! Talking about chicken somehow is endless topic to enclose. Most people are made confuse when being asked which one come out first whether chicken or egg? Do not worry, I would never ask kind of query to you. So relax buddies…. 🙂

The most things for everyone who would start running a new path in chicken keeping journey are where to begin? A lot of information from the internet, magazine or even the old books telling about chicken is huge overwhelming that sometimes confusing, even made us hesitate to begin. All of information is not an absolute role though, usually it comes from the farmer experiences and some from the veterinarian who love to share an idea and knowledge for everyone to be useful. However for certain people find their unique experience is more valuable than others. So here we are to give you an idea about some tips to start breed chicken easily that hopefully giving you gain more confident to have a go.

6 Tips to start breed chicken easily :

  • Environment regulation

Check the regulation in your district area. If you are living in small far village, probably it does not really matter on how you like to grow your farm. Whether you want to indulgence your chicken in the field or you want to safe them by keeping them inside the coop. But it will sound a bit differ if you are staying in urban or suburban area. Consider the house owner’s regulation in city is more complicated rather than in village. While you have the right to have flock of bird as a free man, consider the neighborhood for the comfortable others as well. Do not push your will if the regulation prohibits you to have chicken in the middle of town. Do not be a source of discomfort for others.

  • Knowing what you need

Pick up the type of chicken breed you want for your need. This means you have to know exactly what you want. If you like raising chicken for business, so the fertile hen and rooster are the most suit your need. They will become your source of earning. By laying the fresh egg every day will provide you enough benefit to live. On the other hand if you like a type of cock fighting, so then the powerful, aggressive and strong rooster will be in charge by you. However this cock fighting is almost forbidden in many countries nowadays. Some will carry the owner to the jail. Since this is against the animal law.

The owner will be sued because of this. So again, find out the policy in your country. However for animal lovers like us never ever think this will happen or even just watch it. It is terrible and heartbreaking. More over if you just want to have a cute little friend to be, so the fluffy fat chick is the best choice. Since you will be with these baby chicks from the first time, there will be high possibility to tame to you later on. But consider how you will raise them without their mama.

  • Provide a proper house

Once you pick up which type of chicken you prefer, you will carry them to your house. Different chicken type also different coop and run type as well. If you choose baby chicks so you need to consider the mama hen like container that provide mama hen environment. Make them feel they are cuddled by hen. You might want to read how to take care of newborn chicken. If you prefer to have an adult grew up chicken, so provide large enough space for them not to sticking together. Any type of house you set, as long as it ensure the warm during night, the ventilation all the time, the perch, and the bedding available, all will be nice for your company.

  • Accessible food and drink

Any living thing needs food and drink to maintain their life. They need energy to stay healthy, to grow and develop. Moreover give them proper food and water is to obtain their happiness and joyful during their live in your farm. Just like if you see one of your family member unhappy, automatically the rest of yours will get upset as well though. No body like living with mope ones. Getting to know what kind of chicken feeding that gives the good result, you may go to the chicken shop to ask some questions on how to feed yours.

Depend on chicken a like you have, the most imperative thing is that the food contains of the essential nutrition level required by your flock. Make sure there is a carbohydrate, protein, minerals and vitamins. Almost every brand has it. Do not forget about the water. Keep the water bowl near them all the time is needed, since your chicken will have to move around and play, this water is essential part to counter possibility of dehydration. Do not ignore their natural habit to forage and peck. Let them in the ground and grab bugs and earthworm will be pleasing them too. You can spread bunch of shell to give supply calcium and help digestive system.

  • Set a group of rooster and hen

To prevent any cock fighting, you can establish a group of one rooster among 8 hens in the coop. This measure is good for the family form around them. You will see this action will minimize the crowd and mess. After all will give you time to relax more.

  • Observe for medical issues

Check any signs and symptoms if injury and illness outbreak. Most farmers will find easily if there is wrong in their breed. Even if you have no experience and expertise in medical field. These are several signs and symptoms you need to be aware of : watery from the eyes and nose, loosing appetite, fur fall out for no reason (not in the winter) watery stools, edema on the legs, limping, looks shivering, pitcher, any surface lesions. If you have confident to give home remedy is good, otherwise if you in any doubt better to see the vet for sure diagnosis and medical intervention.

So after you read all of these 6 tips to start breed chicken easily what do you think? Hope you will think the same as mine. It is not that hard to go on board right? All you need just convince yourself all of the process is just simple and easy. Anybody can make it. So give it a try.