5 Common Fish Tank Problems and How to Get Rid of Them

Having an aquarium or fish tank in a house is not that simple, don’t you agree fish lovers? Despite the size or the price of the fish tank, it always has problems. As a fish tank and fish owner, you need to be very aware of your fish tank’s condition.

If you find problems about it, then finding the root cause and solution will be beneficial to prevent further or worse problems that might affect the life quality of your fish.

If you are a beginner about fish tank, you can read these fish tank care tips for beginners and essentials things for your fish tank, so you will get the idea on how to prepare everything for your fish tank.

The most common problems of fish tank is on the quality of water. Whether you want it or not, water quality is the main key of a successful setup of fish tank. Besides, your fish also rely on the water for their survival.

Apart from the water quality, other problems that are most likely to occur are overcrowded, overfeeding and over cleaning. Let’s see the further explanation of the 5 common fish tank problems and how to get rid of them.

  • Algae

This is the most common problem of fish tank. Whether you want it or not, even the healthy fish tank will have algae growing inside. There are two key points on getting rid of the algae existence in your fish tank: light and food.

These two items are the key of life for algae to survive. When these two items are eliminated, then you will probably be successful in getting rid the algae.

Avoid overfeeding and blocking direct sunlight to reach the fish tank. By avoid overfeeding, you won’t give much nutrients for the algae to grow. Don’t forget to change the water regularly as well.

  • Cloudy Water

Water cloudiness can happen due to several reasons, such as dissolved minerals or bacterial bloom. Bacterial bloom is a common thing happens any time, either to a new or old tank.

This issue happens because of overfeeding, decayed fish or plants and lack of maintenance. The main solution to this problem is removing the bacteria’s food source. You can try reducing feeding the fish and changing water regularly.

Another issue is dissolved minerals that can come from heavy metals. You can check the pH of the water and if it is high then your fish tank has dissolved minerals.

You can simply get rid of this problem by using special water with low pH and comes from purer source. Adjust the pH of the water slowly especially if it has life in it already. Cloudy water is not dangerous, but the swing of large pH is dangerous.

  • Overcrowded, Too Many Fish in the Fish Tank

A new fish tank is a clean state for all the fish inside. But if you put too many fish inside it, then it will turn out into a big disaster. Besides lack of room to move, the microbes that filter the water will not be able to work effectively.

Overload of fish waste will build up toxic ammonia that is very dangerous or even lethal to your fish. Make sure to number of fish inside your fish tank.

  • Over Feeding

Worrying too much about whether your fish is hungry is not good. By feeding your fish with too much food, you can cause another harmful effect. The ideal frequency of feeding your fish is once a day and the food should be eaten in around two minutes.

Otherwise, the uneaten food will boost the ammonia and nitrite level in your fish tank. If you keep betta fish for example, you can learn on the ways to healthily feed your betta fishes.

  • Over Cleaning

When your fish tank is first set up, the biological balance inside is unstable. Over cleaning the fish tank by scrubbing ornaments, stirring or vacuuming the gravel will just destroy the advantageous bacteria and the balance inside it. These easy ways to clean your fish tanks will give you enlightenment on how to clean your fish tanks properly.

  • Not Enough Decorations or Ornaments

Do you know that some fish tank decorations might provide a place for your fish to hide? They provide habitat for the fish and make the fish feel secure and comfortable.

When you don’t provide sufficient ornaments or decorations in your fish tank, then your fish will probably seeking shelter behind a heater, filter tube or other objects that are not really safe for them to hide or stay.

Make sure you provide sufficient decorations for your fish to stay. However, pay attention to these things not to put in your fish tank as they are not suggested to be put inside.

Keeping fish at home can be very challenging, especially when it deals with taking care of the fish tank. Fish tank plays an important role in the survival issue of your fish.

Hope the 5 fish tank problems and how to get rid of them will be beneficial for you. Take actions once you find the root problems and good luck!