6 Disadvantages of Keeping Finch Bird as Pet

Finch bird is one of all popular birdsong which being pet at home. Their popularity makes people choose them above another birdsong. Beside their value is medium which people can able to buy it, their ability and uniquely also impressed us. Every morning, finch has unusual habit like other animals. This habit is sun bathing. Beside it, finch will up their topknot when they are happy. So it is important to you to keep cheer them up if you want to see their beautiful topknot, dear pet owners.

If we pet some animals we have to know what the right food that should we give to them, right? The main food for finch is soft fruits like papaya and banana. This kind of fruits chosen cause its soft texture so the flinch can eat it easily. For baby finch, you need to smooth it before give it to them. It is suggested for you to boil it first. Beside fruits, finch also eats some insects like grasshopper, butterfly, caterpillar, and etc. Therefore, this bird is friend with farmer because they eat plant pests.

Anyway if we talk about advantage, so there is also disadvantage. In this universe, there are always positive and negative, black and white, advantage and disadvantage, benefit and lost, good and worst. So does when we pet something. We could ready with positive and negative impact which came at the same time. Basically the some negative things can be avoiding like disease or something that related with health and clean. But there is also something being their ‘natural disadvantage’ which can’t be avoiding.

To be honestly, if we talk about advantage and disadvantage, that’s all about our perspective. Some people may called it as disadvantage, but there are always people who still say it as advantage while mostly didn’t said like that. So what’s written below are actually perspective which represent what’s mostly people said. If you don’t agree with this that’s totally okay.


Here are some disadvantages of keeping finch bird as pet

1. Their sexuality is cheat

There may some ways to identify which one is male or female finch. But did you know that the general way which usually used by people to identify it is based on their habitual? Actually there is no actual way to identify their sexual except DNA test. But that test is too complicated and pricey, so that’s why people use their instinct to identify it. Of course it is not absolutely right and surely wrong. It is just not credible. People ate by stigma which claimed that male finch bird is better than female. That’s why they trying to identify their sexual with every method they can do. For example to make you more understand, people said that the head of male finch is bigger than female. There a straightly black spot in his head.

As we know that finch bird mostly has black head. But the male has darker black spot than the female. Male finch bird looks more aggressive. But it doesn’t mean that only male finch bird which can aggressive. The length of male finch bird is longer than female. Male finch bird’s voice is louder than female.  It is surely hard for us who may a beginner in this business. The chance to be lied or being liar is open. That’s really disadvantage thing while bring this bird as pet. It is not bad for you to act more careful.

  • Lazy and bored

Their ability which makes them become good survivor usually makes us feel lazy. Not really that lazy but means that we can’t do lot things with our finch. We usually think ‘hmm i better don’t too ruin them because they can do by them self’. Do here mean that you know they are sometimes too shy for some people. This situation is getting worse while you put the adult. You didn’t really enjoy the times during their growth because you know it as already adult. It doesn’t like another bird which has their own voice finch should be mastering first before show it for you. It doesn’t mean that finch can’t produce a voice, but they are still random. All you can do with them is only mastering, mastering, and mastering. That’s the special thing because they can show you their ability to imitate some voices. But have you think that this activity is too monotonous and bored because you have to train them for some days? That’s will you feel while you pet finch.

  • Prestige

Birdsong lovers do not hesitated to spend their money over bird. They think that they better spend much money to buy a beautiful bird song originally then bought the medium one with imitate voice. Their prestige value is so high because they called it as investment. The more pricey the bird that they able to bought, it is higher the prestige value. So pet finch in their house actually not their style. We didn’t know what’s really their reason to keep it at home maybe it just collection?

  • Fake

As we know that finch bird is easy mastering. This ability may so special for somebody, but people who loves something original surely hate this thing. If hate is too cruel, ‘not special’ may be right. That’s ‘easy mastering’ makes them so fake, forgot about their self. And once again, it makes people bored even they can be attractive.

  • Waste time

Finch bird owner should know well mastering method to train their bird because their original voice is still random and unlike. Actually that’s not practical because you need extra time between cares them and train them. Unlike another bird which automatically tweeting beautifully, you need to train them for a view days before you can really enjoy it. That’s too wasting time.

  • Mainstream

Finch bird is known as ‘city bird’ which makes them so general. They are not too special if we compare it with another birdsong. Many people have this bird and it’s not really matter to have it. For some birdsong lovers, this bird didn’t include their wish list. It is not really special, by their price, voice, and feather. People surely looking for unique and anti-mainstream thing right? The more you hard you find it, it is more challenging. So does bird. The rare is getting well.

That’s all the disadvantages while you pet finch bird that can we inform to you. All points didn’t mean to underestimate them, please keep it as your reminder or warn when you want to know about advantage to pet a finch. Still, if there is disadvantage it is also the advantage. There is so many interesting fact about finch bird may change your mind. The mainly thing that you should keep on your mind that there is always be positive and negative impact for you. As long as you can fine with this, all you can enjoy.