How to Make Your Finch Bird Happy in Cage

Who is doesn’t like that their pet is getting happy? We think that’s all what they want when they pick an animal and bring it at home. How to make them to not become stress out is matter thing. When your pet an animal, drag it from somewhere into your house and try to getting used with them, they should be hard to try interact with you at the first time. For you who can’t train them well feel so sorry and don’t losing hope to still train them. For you who already did it, congratulations.

They are so many symptom will appeared while your pet tries to tell you that they are happy. For finch bird especially, usually singing and calming are their way to tell you that they are not stressing out. Basically there are so many symptoms that tell your pet is happy like licking your hand, loves your touch, and obey you. But finch can’t do them all, right? So as mentioned before, singing and calming is their ways.

You may think why singing? Why calming? How’s the kind of singing? They just can do that, aren’t they? Well here is the explanation. As we know before that finch of course singing every time. But can you make difference between sing and scream? Yes, that’s the point. While your finch voice sounds like scream or not sounds good, that’s mean that he ‘screams’ or ‘rebels’ on you. It is one of symptom of stressing out. And how about calming? You know, their natural behavior is panic. Some people called them as ‘shy-bird’ because they are so shy and mostly hiding their self when meet people. But when he can feel comfort when he is in your hand, when you touch him, when you take care and love him, that’s mean that he getting used with you and he is happy. While he getting used to you, guess what next? Of course he will obey you. Obey here means that whatever you said or conduct, he will do it.


But people usually didn’t like to hold him. They choose to let him in his cage and try to getting used by outside the cage. Is it still worked? Don’t worry. It is absolutely not decrease the advantage. All methods will get impact as long as the meaning is transferred. By outside the cage is not bad too. Here is the way:

  • Don’t need change his cage quickly

While you bought finch, it is normal that you want to use for new cage. Well it is good because you want to comfort your finch at all. But you must remember that you new-finch need a time to adaptation with his new life. The old cage which he usually use makes him more comfort because there is no too much change from his point of view. The old cage can you used as long as you care about it and clean it at least once per week. After one month or while your finch is getting used with his owner and new life, you can move him into new cage.  The time for getting used depends of your finch it can be faster or longer. Just let him process.

  • Keep the environment calm

The cage which just hanged from old place better to hanged in a calm place. Noisy will scare your finch in his new place. It is better to place it in your house point that usually passed by your family than in the terrace. Keep you finch in the quite calm environment will help his adaptation process. The other way is by covered his cage with fabric. Nice quality fabric made of cotton which can absorb the air easily, and also can pair with air temperature. This fabric can keep finch from another disturb like weather, insects, and noisy which stressing him out. For new finch, this way helps him to forget their past life quickly.

  • Treat him with food

While you care new finch, you can give him nutrition food. The nutrition that should be contained in your finch food is carbohydrate, protein, fat, mineral, amino acid, and vitamin. Finch bird need balance nutrition to make him stronger and avoided from stressed. You can give him much food to treat him while he just came in your house. It is called ‘welcome to new life’ for him. After he can get used, you can change his food become normal-routine.

  • Give extra food

Not only nice treatment, give him extra food as reward also motivated him for more adaptation with his new life. The more nutrition food should you give him in order to help keep their health. You can also add more food which you can make by yourself.

  • Sun bathing in sunrise and sunset

As mentioned in the interesting fact about finch bird, one of their habit is sun bathing. To treat him, you better hang it under sunlight in 7 AM and 3 PM. It makes them receive enough of sunlight and warmth. Also, it will give him enough vitamin D and help to remove the bacteria.

  • Commonly mastering

The next step to make him happy in the cage is by using mastering method. More you mastering him, it is the more often you interaction with your finch. By this interaction it will makes him feel that you put your attention on him. You can use other birdsong as master or just using MP3. Choose the right one and beautiful. Play it in 5 minutes and silence for 5 minutes also. Don’t pick too much long voice for first step. Do it 3 times for a day. After one week add more voice with still play the first sound and add the second to make him not leaving his original sound.

  • Practice commonly

Routine practice needed to keep your finch stay healthy. Place you finch in calm point home. It makes them comfort to make a sound. Sometimes finch can also feel nervous in the noisy area so you should train it first to make him feeling well.

  • Bathing your finch

Bathing you finch every morning is matter thing to keep him healthy and happy. Besides that, it helps to keep their feathers from bacteria, virus, flea, and etc. For right bathing, here are some steps that you should doing:

  • Bathing him in 7 or 8 A.M. but if it is cloudy you can bath him in afternoon.
  • Take a spray bottle which contained clean water then spray it to your bird slowly.
  • Avoid to sprays it rudely because it scares your finch and broke his feathers.
  • Spray it from above first until your finch is wet and then let him scratching his feather with the beak.
  • Continue with spray it from above his head and back until it fully wet or you can also spray it from face, side, or behind to wet his chest, tail, and foot.
  • Make sure that your finch is fully wet at least using for 2 bottles with one meter ways.