Do the Rabbits Feel Neck and Back Pain?

You might have already familiar with rabbits this cute little ball of fur is one of the cutest small animal, and also one of the most popular kind of pets all over the world. Not only as a pet, there are also many rabbits that are keep as house pet and even livestock. Rabbits are animals that are easy to spot on, and distinguishable by their cute fluffy fur, big flappy ears, and they love to jump around. They are popular for their cuteness, that’s why they are popular as pets and even house pet for some people although some rabbits are also used as a livestock to harvest their fur such as Angora rabbit.

Rabbit is an animal that comes from the family of Leporidae and from the order of Lagomorpha. There are many kinds of rabbit, the most common one is European rabbit as a domestic rabbit. There are also other rabbit along with wild rabbit such as Angora rabbit, cottontail, pygmy rabbit and many more. There are at least more than 300 species of rabbits from all around the world and they can be found in every continent except for Antarctica. There are even rabbits that could survive in the cold frozen tundra of arctic. The domestic rabbit mostly descend from European rabbit.

Naturally rabbits are natural prey animal, that’s why they have fast reproduction cycle to make sure they can pass on with their genes fast. This fast reproduction cycle could sometime cause a problem as they can be invasive species. In Australia, there was a massive case of invasive rabbit species that cause mayhem in farmlands, devastating acre of crops and even endanger some native species.

Now, today’s we are going to talk about domestic rabbit. Do you want to keep a rabbit as a pet? Well keeping a rabbit as a pet is not as hard as keeping cats or dogs. Rabbit is small animal, smaller than cats or dogs, and they also won’t need too much care as much as dogs. Rabbit might be easier to take care of compared with dogs or cats, however there are also many things you should know about taking care of rabbit. If you want to take care of rabbit properly and safely today, you have come to the right place.

Rabbit care guide and the facts about rabbit neck and back pain

Do the Rabbits Feel Neck and Back Pain? As a living creature, rabbit of course could feel pain, disease and sickness. Rabbit can suffer many disease and sickness caused by many things from wound, environment or even genetic itself. Rabbit is also a vertebrate creature which means they have spinal cord and back bone, so of course they could sometime feel neck or back pain. Any creature that have back bone can have a neck and back pain. However, back pain in rabbit might be quite different than human, and we of course can’t know directly if our rabbit is suffering from neck or back pain right now. Well, as a rabbit pet owner, you should at least know when your rabbit is suffering from neck or back pain, how to properly take care of them and basically a general information about rabbit neck and back pain. So, here are some general information that you should at least know a little about rabbit back and neck pain.

  • The symptoms of back and neck pain on rabbit

There are many symptoms for rabbit back or neck pain. By knowing the symptom, you can mitigate any damage and prevent your rabbit to suffer more from neck or back pain. Here are some of the most common and most visible symptoms you can use to know whether your rabbit is suffering from back or neck pain. Firstly, you might notice some weakness in the limbs or other part of the body, your rabbit might looks like a bit of pain in its movements. Sometimes, you can also see limping in your rabbit so it is easy to notice. When rabbit is suffering from back pain or neck pain, they can also have a weight loss or it can also gain some weight. This is caused by the pain making their eating habit out of control, making them gaining or losing some weight. You can also see that some rabbit have a difficulty in breathing when they suffer from back pain. These clues are easy to tell, and hard to miss, so you can use this clues to tell whether your rabbit is suffering from back pain or not.

  • Causes of rabbit’s back or neck pain

As for the cause of rabbit’s neck or back pain, there are some cause that might end up as a back pain or neck pain for rabbit. Injury in the back of rabbit caused by the rabbit ramming accidently into hard object, trauma caused by wound of that rabbit, infections on the skin caused by the abscesses, big wound under the rabbit skin, and infections. Infections on the rabbit skin can also be the cause of rabbit back or neck pain. Infection is quite common for rabbit, so you might want to learn more about infection. Luckily, we got your back, as we also provide other article all about infections on rabbit here.

  • The best course of action you should take

To conclude our article and to answer completely on the question of Do the Rabbits Feel Neck and Back Pain? Here is the best course of action you should take if your rabbit suffer from back or neck pain. Once you know your rabbit suffering from back and neck pain, you should contact your vets. You should also try to remember if your rabbit is lately have an incidents and list of possible incidents your rabbit might suffer that might caused this back pain. Your vets will then analysis your rabbit pain, diagnose if there are other diseases that might follow this back pain. Symptoms like lethargy and then obesity will also be mentioned by your vets. After final diagnosis, your vets will decide if your rabbit need a certain medications or not.