The Types of Bacterical Infection on Rabbit

Rabbit is one of the popular pet to have. They are generally small animal, smaller than cats and dogs of course and that is why many people think that rabbit is generally easier to take care of. It is true that unlike cats or dogs, you don’t need to train your rabbit too much. Rabbit is also cheaper to take care of compared with dogs or cats that need their quality feed, grooming and cost for training. However, even though we say that rabbit is easier and cheaper, doesn’t meant that taking care of rabbit is easy and everyone can do it. Not everyone can take care of rabbit, and if you don’t know on how to take care of rabbit, you better choose other animals or not to choose at all. There are many advantages and disadvantages of owning rabbit and there are many things you should always know before choosing to buy rabbit. We are here to provide you with every of the best and most reliable information on the rabbit so you could be a better and well informed rabbit owner.

One thing you should be aware of and know more about rabbit is that taking care of rabbit is not as easy as you might think. Rabbit is one of the most sensitive animal and you need to be careful when taking care of your animal. Their skin and health care is sensitive, and if you taken care of rabbit carelessly, your rabbit might get serious problems and diseases. Many problems and complications can afflicted with rabbit. Infections, inflammation, fur disease, parasitic fleas infestation are examples of many problems and diseases that your rabbit might suffer.

One most common problems that many rabbit owner will face is bacterial infection. Infection on rabbit is common, and mostly caused by bacteria or virus. It is common problems that as a rabbit owner should know about it and how to deal with it properly. Many people think that infection isn’t hard and not really a problem for their rabbit, however if not deal with it properly, infection could lead to many more serious diseases and problem. If you want to become a better owner for your rabbit, or if you want the best for your rabbit, then you should know all about rabbit infection, from the type of rabbit infection, to how you should take care of it safely and properly. As for today, we are going to discuss about The Types of Bacterical Infection on Rabbit and how you should take care of it properly and safely.

Types of rabbit bacterial infection and how you should deal with it

Bacterial infection is a condition where wounds on an organism get an inflammation because of bacterial. Actually there are many types of infection from fungal infection, virus infection and what we are going to discuss today is bacterial infection. When wounds aren’t taken care of properly and safely, bacteria can get inside the wound and infect it. Warm wound are perfect place for bacteria to get inside and breeds there. Once bacteria started to breed on the wound, the wound will turn into inflammation and therefore become infected. Infected wound can be quite dangerous for organism, as it can lead to many other serious problems, and even causing the wound that is light to turn into fatal infection for rabbit which is pretty bad for rabbit of course.

Bacterial infection can attack and afflicted to many limbs and body parts. To distinguish each of bacterial infection, there are many types of bacterial infection. Each infection is pretty different and should be treated properly and differently according to the afflicted body parts. So, what are the types of bacterial infections on rabbit? Here are some examples of most notorious and most common one for rabbit.

  • Bacterial ear infection

Ears are one of the most sensitive body parts of rabbits. Rabbits most unique feature is their wide flappy ears that grant them extra cuteness and fluffiness, however rabbits ear are very sensitive and they can be quite fragile too. Infection on ears can be quite hassle and be pretty bad for your rabbit. Bacterial ear infections are also quite common in many rabbit cases. Though many people think that bacterial ear infection isn’t as deadly as other bacterial infection since they are external infections not an internal infections. Well technically it is true that internal infection is rather deadly, harder to treat and also harder to diagnose, but you still couldn’t underestimate bacterial ear infections on rabbit. To seek more information on bacterial ear infection on rabbit, the importance of knowing it, how to diagnose it and how to take care of it properly, seek our other related article here.

  • Skin infection

Underneath the fluffy fur, rabbit actually have a pink skin, and it is quite sensitive too. That is why they are covered in fur. Rabbit fur also function as a protective fur to protect skin underneath it. Skin infection is common with rabbit that is active, jump around and especially if you don’t keep a good hygiene of your rabbit cage. When rabbit is wounded on its skin, if not taken care properly, it can easily lead to bacterial skin infection.

  • External Bacterial Infection

This is one of the most serious and deadly bacterial infection on rabbits that can easily lead to serious disease and even fatal infections. Rabbits can be afflicted by many external bacterial infection like nervous system infections, brain infections, digestive system infections, gum infection and one of the most common is respiratory system infection.

Now, that’s it on our article of The Types of Bacterical Infection on Rabbit. Actually there are still many more types of bacterial infection for rabbit, not to mention the internal one, the external one, and also other infection that are caused by non-bacterial such as fungal or virus. If you knows some other infection and know any more valuable information regarding to rabbit, feel free to share it with us here in our website.