Facial Nerve Paresis on Rabbits; Does It Will be the Dead Cause?

Rabbits are one of the most popular pets and choices of pets by many people and pet lovers. This small animals are the best choice if you can’t withstand bigger animal such as cats or dogs as they are smaller than them and very cute too. One advantages of having a rabbits as your turtle […]

Do the Rabbits Feel Neck and Back Pain?

You might have already familiar with rabbits this cute little ball of fur is one of the cutest small animal, and also one of the most popular kind of pets all over the world. Not only as a pet, there are also many rabbits that are keep as house pet and even livestock. Rabbits are […]

The Types of Bacterical Infection on Rabbit

Rabbit is one of the popular pet to have. They are generally small animal, smaller than cats and dogs of course and that is why many people think that rabbit is generally easier to take care of. It is true that unlike cats or dogs, you don’t need to train your rabbit too much. Rabbit […]

How to Get Rid of Fleas on Rabbits?

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Scratching on Rabbits; Is It Normal?

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The Way to Overcome the Choking on Rabbits

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Ear Infection on Rabbit; Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

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How to Help The Rabbit Toxication Case

Rabbit toxication case is a serious problem. As we all know, unlike other animals, rabbits are unable to vomit so they cannot get rid of the poison off from their bodies. This might be a nightmare for you as the owner, especially if you like to let your pet rabbit roam around outside or inside […]

Does the Rabbit Care Depend on the Rabbit Color Itself?

Most rabbits come in a variety of fur colors, coat patterns, color hues, and different locations of color bands. The majority of rabbits have the color of agouti. The normal agouti is the color of the wild rabbit, which is a kind of brownish or grayish color, while the pet rabbit, on the other hand, […]

Basic First Aid to Treat Sick Rabbits

Rabbits are one of the most popular choices for domestic house pets for their endearing looks and personalities. These adorable animals are easily domesticated, which adds to their plus points that makes them so adoptable. With enough time and energy, you could train your rabbits to do just about anything. However, one thing that you […]